Foods Your Body Needs To Boost Hair Growth

Written by Khadijah EbrahimSep 16, 2023
Foods your body needs to boost hair growth
If you’ve found that your comb has recently been collecting a bit too much hair and want to do something about it, stop right here. We’ve compiled a list of foods that you can easily implement into your diet to help boost hair growth and make sure that hair fall is a distant problem.

Spinach for iron

Sunflower seeds for Vitamin E

It’s not surprising that one of the biggest benefits of consuming this superfood is boosting hair growth. The copious amounts of iron in this vegetable help transport oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp, providing nourishment to hair follicles and ensuring that growth does not get stunted.
Other foods that are high in iron: tofu, cashews, potatoes


Eggs for Omega 3

Sunflower seeds for Vitamin E

We’re sure that you’ve heard about making egg masks for your hair. This super ingredient is just is a potent when you consume it. Here’s what you should do—make scrambled eggs a
couple of times a week for breakfast. High in Omega 3 fatty acids (which decrease inflammation), eggs promote hair health. If you’re prone to breakage and split-ends, the Omega 3 present in eggs can help turn around your lacklustre hair.
Other foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids: walnuts, salmon, flaxseeds


Lentils for biotin

Sunflower seeds for Vitamin E

If you’ve found that your hair is brittle and breaking a lot more easily recently, you probably don’t have enough biotin in your diet. Did you order in instead of eating your mom’s home-cooked dal chawal? So, the next time you’re home, instead of quickly making plans when you find out what’s for dinner, eat the lentils. Your hair will thank you for it.
Other foods that are high in biotin: eggs, mushrooms, almonds


Carrots for Vitamin A

Sunflower seeds for Vitamin E

All our moms have surely lectured us at some point about how eating carrots every day helps improve your eyes. Now, you can do this knowing that you’re boosting your hair growth as well! The Vitamin A present in carrots is integral for cell growth, making it critical for the growth of your hair too. It is also responsible for the production of sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for your hair. Sebum also prevents the scalp from becoming dry and flaky.
Other foods that are high in Vitamin A: pumpkin, milk, red peppers


Sunflower seeds for Vitamin E

Sunflower seeds for Vitamin E

If the beach is your go-to hang out spot, you should definitely read on. While we all know of the damage the sun does to your skin, the damage it does to your hair is little known. Vitamin E is a great protectant against the sun and helps prevent cell mutation. So, why not munch on some sunflower seeds on your way to work? You’ll get a much needed snack and do a favour to your hair at the same time.
Other foods that are high in Vitamin E: almonds, hazelnuts, avocado

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