5 Superfoods That Can Actually Help Prevent Hair Greying

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 superfoods that can actually help prevent hair greying

One of the best ways to maintain healthy skin and hair is to work on it from the inside. A diet packed with essential nutrients will give you long term benefits rather than superficial fixes. And while most of us are already familiar with foods rich in vital nutrients that are super beneficial for hair and skin, there are some unlikely candidates that might have missed your attention.

Here are 5 foods that we bet you didn’t know could help prevent hair greying. Take a look!



Pro tip: Papaya seeds to prevent hair greying

Guess you shouldn’t have turned down the dal chawal your mom prepared for Sunday lunches, after all! Dal, or lentils, are rich in vitamin B9 (also called folic acid or folate). This compound is necessary for the production of methionine — an amino acid that is responsible for maintaining hair colour and health.



Pro tip: Papaya seeds to prevent hair greying

Ever wondered why your Bengali friend is blessed with enviable tresses without even trying? It is the seafood-rich diet that they have been indulging in since childhood. Fish oils have also been credited with shinier, healthier hair. But being packed with selenium is what lends them their anti-greying prowess. Add seafood like prawns and salmon in your diet and witness the transformation within months!



Pro tip: Papaya seeds to prevent hair greying

Soybeans are generally known for being packed with phytoestrogens and supporting women's health. But the fermented version is also rich in living enzymes that work as a strong antioxidant. Fighting free radical damage in our body, it can rectify multiple signs of ageing; including grey hair.



Pro tip: Papaya seeds to prevent hair greying

IMO, mushrooms are dangerously underrated as an essential dietary item. They are packed with high quantities of zinc and copper, which maintains scalp health and stimulates melanin production. Don't get frightened by their awkward appearance and chewy texture. These little babies can give you darker and thicker texture, and they taste amazing in creamy soups!


Dark Chocolate

Pro tip: Papaya seeds to prevent hair greying

Let us give you yet another reason to justify your chocolate obsession… they prevent grey hair! A good source of iron and copper turns dark chocolate into more than just a heart-healthy food. Cacau helps in increasing ferritin levels in your blood. They are crucial for maintaining hair pigments over a long period of time.


Pro tip: Papaya seeds

Pro tip: Papaya seeds to prevent hair greying

If you are looking for a solution to nip the problem in the bud, there is a simple DIY hair mask that can help out with your greying issue. Roast some clean papaya seeds and fry it up with coconut oil. When cold, mash it into a paste and apply evenly all over your hair. Keep for about 2 hours and wash off with cold water. This DIY mask will help arrest the greying of hair at the roots.

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