If you can’t remember the last time you brushed your hair and didn’t see a million hair strands stuck in your brush, then it’s time for some serious tress talk. You, my friend, are struggling with hair fall and need a proper hair care routine to bring your locks back to health. The reason for hair fall can be stress, hormonal imbalance, genetics, deficiency and medical conditions, and over-styling, but the solution lies in how you treat your hair.

A hair care routine and products specific to your hair concern can help boost hair growth and perfect your locks in no time. If you are clueless about what you should do and what products you should use, here is a step-by-step routine cut out for girls with hair fall. Follow this hair care routine to curb hair fall and get stronger hair.             

Oil before hair wash

Step 01: Oil before hair wash

A couple of hours before your hair wash, apply Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil to your hair and massage for about 10 to 15 minutes. It has Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal properties that fight hair fall. Oiling helps hydrate the dry scalp and improve blood circulation, which results in improved hair growth.


Step 02: Shampoo

Don’t cut back on hair washes because you’re afraid of losing hair in the shower. Hair hygiene is really important for healthy hair. Brush your hair before a hair wash to avoid tangles and breakage. Also, pick a shampoo that targets your hair concern like the Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo With Keratin Protein, which works towards fighting hair fall and leaving your hair soft and smooth.


Step 03: Conditioner

Use a conditioner after you wash your hair. Not using a conditioner can leave your hair and scalp dry, which is one of the primary causes of hair fall. Use a conditioner, which makes your hair smooth as well as strong. We suggest the Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Conditioner With Keratin Protein. It works like a dream on damage and breakage-prone hair and leaves it stronger than ever.

Air drying

Step 04: Air drying

Skip the hair dryer and air dry your mane whenever you can. Heat makes your hair weak and brittle, and thus contributes to hair fall. While you dry your hair, flip your hair upside down to boost blood flow and stimulate the growth of dormant hair follicles. Brush your hair gently when damp.

Hair massage

Step 05: Hair massage

Every night before bed, give yourself a dry massage by tipping your head forward and massaging your head with your fingertips. It stimulates blood circulation and makes hair stronger, not to mention, improves sleep too, which helps speed up hair growth. 

BB pro tip: Once a week, pamper your hair with a growth-boosting hair mask. Also pay regular visits to the salon for trims to get rid of split ends and maintain the health of your hair.