Multi-textured hair occurs both by nature and nurture. Some have a genetic disposition that gives one or a couple of sections of their hair a different pattern or texture. For some, the hairstyle and hair care habits render a part of their hair more dryer or curlier than the rest. And while we cannot do too much about texture difference caused due to genetics, we can help you fix the dry sections of hair caused due to poor hair care habits or chemical treatments. Especially the part of your hair that is underneath the top layer at the back — the one neglected section that is only seen when you wear your hair up!

Here are some things to help fix the situation and make your hairstyle look sleek and stylish; check them out…


01. Wash your hair upside down

Wash your hair upside down

The underside of your hair can often get neglected during hair washing sessions. The best way to wash the sections underneath the back layer of hair is by bending forward and flipping the hair in the front. This will allow you to wash the area thoroughly. Use a hydrating shampoo to clean and add moisture to the dry strands.

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02. Make sure the back part is also dry

Make sure the back part is also dry

If you have a habit of washing your hair at night before going to bed, you should know that the underneath back layer of hair will take longer to dry. The same goes for styling your hair in updos while the back part is still wet. Sleeping on or tying damp hair can cause damage and leave the tresses dry and brittle. So make sure your hair is dehydrated before you tie it up or sleep on it.


03. Use a smoothing cream

Use a smoothing cream

One of the main reasons why the back underneath layer gets dry is because the nape of your neck tends to sweat more, zapping moisture from the section of hair covering it. The sweat buildup also creates frizz and leaves the section of hair very rough to touch. Apply a smoothing leave-in treatment on just this section to keep it in check on hot days.

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04. Avoid harmful grooming habits

Avoid harmful grooming habits

The hidden layer of hair at the back of your head is the least of your worries while dashing out of the house on a busy morning. Avoid haphazardly straightening, harsh brushing or blast drying this section to prevent it from damage. Steer clear of tight hairstyles that pull on the back section can lead to damage and coarse texture that looks different from the rest of your hair.


05. Go in for regular hair spas

Go in for regular hair spas

Sometimes, all you need is a professional’s touch to get your hair back to good health. Go in for regular hair spas like moisture or softening treatments where a professional will give the underneath back layer equal attention; after all, they can see it. You can also get a keratin treatment to bring uniformity to your mane and get a straighter look.