Let’s fix the one thing that’s coming in the way of you getting long and beautiful hair. No, we don’t mean your poor eating habits (you’d have to take care of that yourself, girl). We mean the frayed, annoying split ends that are hampering your hair growth and keeping you stuck in a hairstyle rut. They need to go and we are here today to tell you how you can get rid of them at home.

All you need is a pair of scissors. Now, before you freak out, we are not asking you to cut your hair. The whole point is to make your hair grow longer, remember? You just crop the unkempt, dry ends and unlock healthy ends that let your hair grow better. This little ‘twist and trim’ hack will help you do just that. P.S. Handle with care.

get rid of split ends at home

How to:

Step 01: Divide your hair in very small sections (yes, it is going to take time, so clear your plans and put on some music).

Step 02: Now, take one section at a time and twist it till the end until you can see the messy ends sticking out.

Step 03: Grab your weapon (scissors) and hold it horizontally over the twisted section of hair.  

Step 04: Run the scissors up and down with a light hand, trimming the ends.

Step 05: Do this with the rest of your hair working with one section at a time. And, you are done!