Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With Dry Damaged Hair…

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 16, 2023
Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With Dry Damaged Hair…

If damaged hair is not treated in time it only gets worse. Damaged hair stops growing and the texture becomes dull, dry and frizzy. In most cases, damaged hair is caused due to external factors like environment, heat, excessive styling and chemicals.

While the natural texture and form of your hair can be a bit coarse, it is still healthy. Damaged hair, however, is barely healthy and it makes way for most other hair concerns. Obviously then, if you have damaged hair it needs immediate attention and treatment, for which you need to understand the causes of hair fall control.

Here is everything you need to know about dealing with damaged hair...


What damages your hair?

Raw papaya and milk

Hair damage depends and is drastically impacted by several factors—it could be something as basic as your pillowcase and it could be something as massive as a lifestyle choice. Extreme weather conditions and environmental pollution are key factors that cause hair damage!

To prevent your hair from such extreme damage, it is advisable to build a hair care routine that suits best for your climatic surroundings and your hair type. Heat styling or overexposure to a windy environment can degrade the texture of your hair. It is also recommended that you avoid frequent styling of your hair by using heat as it draws out the moisture and nourishment from the hair strands making them dull, dry and lifeless. Heat also disturbs the natural genetic build-up of your hair and makes your strands brittle and broken.

When exposed to the harsh environment, always cover your hair with a scarf or a hat to reduce the stress on your hair strands. Use silk pillowcases rather than cotton or any other fibre as silk has a smooth texture and reduces friction between your hair and the pillow. Other fabrics like cotton or cashmere are a bit rough on your hair and may cause in slight hair fall.

How you can treat damaged hair?


Hair damage is like a chain reaction where one damage, leads to another. To deal with damaged hair it is important to target the specific concerns as it helps in quick recovery and avoids further damage. Dove has recently launched a shampoo range that helps in step by step restoration of damaged hair and targets specific hair problems.


For damaged hair

Raw papaya and milk

Sometimes when you ignore your hair problems for too long you might end up with a bunch of them. If you are an unfortunate victim of more than two hair issues then shift to Dove Intense repair shampoo. Its varied formula helps in slow yet complete restoration of your hair. It acts on individual hair concerns while developing the total health of damaged hair. It nourishes your hair to repair the appearance of damaged hair with every wash. It has an active keratin formula which helps in repairing the damage from inside the hair and improves the pollution tolerance of your hair.


For hair fall concerns

Raw papaya and milk

If you are dealing with excessive hair fall due to scalp infections, dandruff, ageing or any other reason, this shampoo is here to rescue you from hair fall. Hair fall rescue shampoo deeply nourishes damaged hair from the root to the tip. It fortifies your hair strands for reducing hair fall and makes your hair visibly fuller. It is formulated with nutrilock actives that make your hair stronger and thicker with every use. It has a volume formula that combines the power of collagen and biotin for giving your hair dense and fuller appearance. 


For lack lustre hair…

Raw papaya and milk

Lack of shine and lustre from your hair strands is a direct signal that your hair lacks moisture and is dry. The moisture shampoo by Dove helps protect your hair shafts from routine damage and helps preserve the shine. Loss of moisture from your hair strands is mostly due to the action of pollutants and chemicals in the air. The protection formula of this shampoo acts as a shield to your hair strands and repels pollutants thus reducing settling of particles on your hair. It further makes your hair softer and smoother, which reduces hair fall by reducing tangling of strands.


For dry hair…

Raw papaya and milk

The rush of daily life makes your hair dry, dull and lifeless. Dove Nourishing oil care shampoo has inbuilt oil formula in it which provides your hair with both benefits of an oil and a shampoo. The oil penetrates into your hair and fuels nutrients to your hair roots making them stronger. It is a great option to treat dry and frizzy hair due to softening action that leaves your hair soft and manageable. Even though it acts as an oil shampoo it has a non-greasy finish that feels your hair feeling fresh and healthy.


For frizzy, damaged hair…

Raw papaya and milk

A lot of grit and dust gets trapped in your hair every day which slowly degrades its quality and texture. This shampoo helps cleanse your hair and makes it resistant to everyday damage. It is formulated with micellar technology that boosts hair strength by removing agents that damage your hair. This shampoo acts as a shield to your hair and purifies your strands resulting in a clean and shiny finish. The shampoo helps in preventing hair with chemical technology that stimulates the scalp as well as gently exfoliates it


Nourishing oils

Raw papaya and milk

Apart from an excellent shampoo that deals primarily with your hair concerns, you also need the best oil for hair growth. Hair oils help control hair fall by strengthening your hair roots and increases your hair volume by fuelling your scalp with essential nutrients. This also results in hair growth due to the optimum nourishment provided to your hair strands by hair oil. Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil has herbal properties which enhance hair growth and texture naturally and make your hair stronger and longer. It additionally reduces dandruff by combating dandruff producing bacteria and balances the pH in your scalp. The well-designed bottle of this product also helps easy application which allows the oil to spread across your scalp for better results.

Hair Mask

To treat damaged hair at home you will need a few kitchen ingredients that will do wonders for your hair. Below is a hair mask recipe that will help in repairing and restoring damaged hair.


Raw papaya and milk

Raw papaya and milk

You will need: A few slices of raw papaya and a bowl of milk


Mash the papaya and add some milk to it and mix thoroughly to make an even paste.

Apply this paste to your scalp region and your hair strands.

Leave the mask for about 15 to 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair with lukewarm water.


Papaya has antioxidants which help in repairing the texture of your hair strands by protecting it from external pollutants. Milk is a highly moisturizing agent and helps in nourishing your hair strands with essential nutrients. 

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