With the salons being shut due to the nationwide lockdown, getting our regular trim is out of the question. So that leaves everyone with just two options – cutting your own hair at home or letting it grow until the time you can see a professional again.

Now, it’s completely understandable if the thought of cutting your own hair gives you sleepless nights, however, it’s no excuse to let your hair turn into a mangled mess, full of split ends. Simply follow the hair care tips mentioned below to keep split ends at bay until you can visit a salon again.


Avoid heat styling

Avoid heat styling to get rid of split ends

Now that you’re at home, you can use this time to give your hair a break from all the heat styling and let them repair and heal. Heat styling tools tend to be very harsh, especially on the hair tips — since they are already thin and brittle — leading to split ends.


Comb your hair after conditioning

Comb your hair after conditioning to get rid of split ends

After you’ve applied your conditioner, as usual, use a wide-toothed or shampoo comb and gently run it from the mid-length to the ends. This will remove all the tangles from your hair way more gently, thereby preventing unnecessary snaps and breakage.


Leave-in conditioners are awesome

Leave-in conditioners are awesome - Tip to get rid of split ends

Use a leave-in conditioner to nourish and condition your hair. This will keep your hair healthy and keep split ends at bay.

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Use metal-free hair ties

Use metal-free hair ties to get rid of split ends

Metal hair ties are very harsh on your delicate strands and lead to a lot of damage due to breakage. Use a scrunchie that is covered in a silk cloth if possible. If not, use any cloth hair tie to limit the damage to your precious strands.