5 Tips To Prevent Hair Damage

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 tips to prevent hair damage

Irrespective of the kind of hair texture you have, there is one thing that everyone desires - long, healthy and lustrous strands. Those who are not blessed with hair that looks like it has been coiffed by a professional at all times, resort to heat styling tools or chemical treatments to achieve the desired look.

But in doing so, we end up majorly compromising on the health of our hair. To prevent this, we have listed some really simple yet effective ways to reverse and prevent hair damage. Read on.


01. Use the right hairbrush

05.	Hair supplements are a must

Yes, using the right kind of hairbrush as well as the right technique is the answer to a lot of hair woes. Regularly brushing your hair improves blood circulation as well as distributes the natural oils more evenly. But a word of caution: never brush your hair while it is still wet as this can damage your hair. Opt for boar bristle brushes as they distribute the oil better and prevent breakage.


02. Limit heat styling

05.	Hair supplements are a must

All of us love the voluminous look that a blow-dry gives or the super sexy, neat look after straightening, but these styling methods cause a lot of damage to your mane. Heat leads to moisture loss from your strands, which eventually results in frizz, breakage and a lot of other problems. If you style your hair on a regular basis, lower the temperature and opt for cold air drying instead of a hot blowout.


03. Indulge your strands with an oil massage

05.	Hair supplements are a must

If you want your hair to appear long and strong, then it is really important to regularly massage your scalp using hot oil. This is the most effective, age-old home remedy for long and strong hair. For longer hair, mix your regular coconut, olive or almond oil with a few drops of castor oil and massage it onto your scalp for about five to 10 minutes. This will improve blood circulation in the scalp, leading to better hair growth.


04. DIY hair masks

05.	Hair supplements are a must

One of the best ways to deliver essential nutrients to your strands and improve hair growth is to pamper your tresses with a DIY hair mask. Use ingredients such as bananas, eggs, aloe vera, etc. that are easily available in your kitchen. These hair masks are really effective in repairing damage, adding shine and boosting hair growth.


05. Hair supplements are a must

05.	Hair supplements are a must

Although home remedies do help boost hair growth, it can take days if not weeks for the results to appear. Therefore, consuming regular supplements can drastically change the condition of your hair in a much shorter span of time. Biotin is a really popular and effective hair supplement that comes with several hair care benefits and will definitely help make your hair longer and stronger.

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