Here’s How You Can Transform Your Dull Hair Into Healthy Tresses In Time For Diwali

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Here’s how you can transform your dull hair into healthy tresses in time for Diwali

You're living it up this festive season. Your makeup looks on point, your outfits look fab, and you've been taking pictures by the dozens, documenting it all for the 'gram. But as you scroll down the pics in your phone gallery, there's one thing that stands out — your hair looks dull and lifeless. Dull hair can bring down any perfectly put-together look and can prove to be a dampener during the festive season. If you want your locks to regain their lustre and sheen, don't you worry, we've got you covered. Read on ahead to know how you can make your dull hair smooth and shiny in time for Diwali.


01. Opt for a sulphate-free shampoo

05. Indulge in weekly hot oil massages

Did you know that when it comes to dull hair, sulphates are the biggest culprit? They strip the natural oils off your scalp, making it look dull and lifeless. To counter this (and to clarify your scalp in the process), use a sulphate-free shampoo like the Love Beauty & Planet Apple Cider Vinegar & Jasmine Sulfate Free Shine Shampoo. This baddie-free shampoo is infused with natural apple cider vinegar from Switzerland and organic coconut oil that smoothes dry hair and restores shine to dull locks. Plus, the organic Egyptian white jasmine essential oil lends a sweet, floral fragrance to your mane. We love it!


02. Use a repairing hair mask

05. Indulge in weekly hot oil massages

Dull hair usually points to more serious signs of damage in the tresses, but the easiest way to fix it is by opting for a repairing and restorative hair mask. Opt for the Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask to repair all forms of hair damage. The mask contains 1/4th moisturising cream and keratin actives, which deeply nourish the hair and take care of damage while reviving dull hair in the process. Simply use it a couple of times a week by leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off, and you'll have shiny, lustrous locks easily.


03. Use a hair serum

05. Indulge in weekly hot oil massages

Hair serums are notorious for bringing lacklustre locks back to life, and the one that we've been loving RN is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum. Formulated with keratin protein and camellia oil, the serum will instantly boost shine in your strands, control frizz and add vibrancy, leaving you with smooth, manageable tresses in a matter of seconds. Pro tip: Always apply your serum on damp hair, avoiding the roots.


04. Try heatless hairstyles

05. Indulge in weekly hot oil massages

If your hair has encountered multiple hot tools almost every day of the festive season, we hate to break it to you, but that's probably contributing to your dull hair. But that doesn't mean you need to walk around with unstyled hair. Opting for heatless hairstyles is the easiest way to get a put-together mane without any heat damage, and between different types of heatless curls and waves, you have a ton of options to choose from!


05. Indulge in weekly hot oil massages

05. Indulge in weekly hot oil massages

Our mothers and grandmothers were right! Using a hot oil treatment can revive dull hair like nothing else, and the best part is that you just need to do it once a week to reap the benefits! We recommend using coconut oil for this, since its nourishing properties are second to none. All you need to do is heat up oil in a glass container in a pot of boiling water. Once that's done, apply it evenly on your hair, cover your head with a shower cap, and rinse out after 20 minutes with a shampoo. You'll have shiny, luscious, healthy, and lustrous locks in no time!

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