6 Simple And Effective Ways To Stop Hair Fall

Written by Riya JainSep 16, 2023
6 simple and effective ways to stop hair fall

No one wants to wake up to a pillow covered in hair strands or watch their precious locks in the drain post a shower. Yet one of the most common hair problems most of us face is hair fall, right? In this video, BB Hair Ninja, Shalini Samuel shows you how to reduce hair fall, and hopefully, completely stop it too with some simple, effective and useful tips.

Before we get into the tips on how to stop that hair fall problem, it’s important to figure out why it’s happening in the first place.

The most common causes of hair fall are:

  1. Hereditary
  2. Hormonal
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Physical & Mental stress
  5. Medication or Medical treatments
  6. Over-styling and
  7. Scalp Infections

Now while some of these will require medical attention, most cases of hair fall can be fixed with a few changes in your hair care routine and lifestyle. So here are some tips we recommend you follow.

1. Feed your hair with good food

Honestly, a change in diet can fix most problems. So it’s important to monitor what you consume. You might have heard this before, but it’s so true - You are what you eat.

So if you want great hair and skin, your diet is everything! So incorporate more protein in your diet in the forms of eggs and lean meat and also start a hair supplement with vitamin E, Biotin, Iron and Zinc.

You can also carry a little box of nuts on the go. Walnuts, in particular, are great for your hair. You could also try yoghurt, fruits and veggie sticks as mid-meal snacks. Trust us, they’ll give your hair what it needs to grow healthy and strong.

2. Massage your scalp with hot oil

There’s nothing like a regular champi to activate your hair follicles and get your scalp and hair to a healthy state. It’s known to boost hair growth, fight dandruff and most importantly, reduce hair fall.

So pamper your hair by massaging your scalp with hot oil. Warm the oil for a few minutes before applying. Then gently rub it into your scalp section by a section, allowing the oil to penetrate. Leave it on for a few hours, preferably overnight and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

If you are not a fan of a hot oil champi, you can opt for the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Rose and Almond Hair Oil. It’s infused with real ingredients that nourish the hair from root to tip. This oil can also be applied after cleansing since it absorbs instantly and doesn’t make the hair look greasy. In fact, it works as the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle, adding that amazing shine.

3. Cleanse your scalp

Cleansing your hair is an absolute must when it comes to preventing hair fall but before you get into it, it’s necessary to understand how often you should wash your hair according to your hair type.

So after doing some research here’s what we found. If you have oily hair, you should wash your hair more often to clear your scalp of buildup that is known to increase hair fall and even cause infections. You might also need to wash your hair often if you are outdoors a lot or work out every day.

If you have dry hair, however, washing your hair twice a week is enough. Over-washing will only result in unnecessary stripping of your hair’s natural oils, making it dry and prone to damage and frizz.

Make sure to use a shampoo that targets your specific concerns. For example, use a hair fall defence shampoo to curb hair fall and an anti-dandruff shampoo to tackle dandruff.

4. Careful with hair styling

Who doesn’t love trying out new hair trends, new hair colour or a cool new hairstyle? But too much too often can ruin your hair. The chemicals in the hair colour and the heat-styling can lead to damage in the long run. That’s why it’s important to know when to give your hair a break.

Avoid tight buns, ponytails, and braids. It stresses the hair making it more prone to breakage. Also heat-style only on certain occasions and not on a daily basis.

5. Nourish your hair with a hair mask

Your hair needs some TLC too, especially if you’re experiencing hair fall. So make sure to nourish your hair by applying a hair mask once a week. This is something you can do on a relaxing Sunday before going in for a shower.

A hair mask is basically a deep conditioning treatment that helps heal damaged hair. So if you too are facing a hair fall problem, make sure to apply a hair mask that will nourish your hair making it stronger and healthier.

6. Stop stressing

Stress affects all of us. Unfortunately, it’s the most commonly used word now-a-days among adults and even kids and teens. Whether it’s work-related or personal, stress is inevitable and that’s one of the main triggers for hair fall.

If you’re going through a stressful time in your life or even if you’re not, make sure to indulge in activities that calm your mind. Read a book, go for a stroll or a swim or simply meditate. It will help reduce stress levels and in turn do wonders for your hair.

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