5 Causes Of Hair Fall And How To Treat It

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 causes of hair fall and how to treat it

When you see those precious locks shedding, it can really get on your nerves but have you wondered what’s causing it? Over-styling and using wrong products or heat tools are the common reasons. However, there’s a possibility that the reason could be more serious than that.

So are you struggling with hair fall and don’t know why? Here are five reasons for hair fall you need to know about and also what to do to salvage the situation and keep your hair healthy and happy.


01. You’re taking too much stress

05.	Medical condition and deficiency

Stress causes premature hair loss. When you’re stressed, the pressure in your roots causes hair to prematurely push towards their shedding stage. Good news is that it’s temporary and your hair grows back at a normal speed in no time. Try to relax and don’t stress too much for the sake of your mane.


02. Heredity and ageing factors

05.	Medical condition and deficiency

You have inherited a lot more from your mom and grandmom than you can imagine. Your ageing clock largely depends on your DNA. If your mom or anyone in the family has struggled with premature hair loss and baldness at a certain age, chances are you’d have to deal with it too. Invest in good hair products and take your haircare regimen seriously. Also, include protein-rich foods in your meal.


03. Hormonal imbalance

05.	Medical condition and deficiency

Change in the hormone levels during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or the use of certain medications can cause weight fluctuations and hair fall. Once the hormone levels go back to normal, the hair too starts to grow back naturally. Pamper your hair with nourishing oil, hair masks and give it extra TLC to maintain its health.


04. Weather is to be blamed

05.	Medical condition and deficiency

Lack of hydration and exposure to harsh sun rays in summer and high humidity in monsoon can contribute to hair fall. This is quite common and normal and almost every woman falls victim to hair fall due to change in temperature. Use climate-appropriate hair products to protect your hair from sun damage, humidity and keep your hair fall in check.


05. Medical condition and deficiency

05.	Medical condition and deficiency

Vitamin B deficiency, anaemia, PCOS and other medical conditions could also be the reason for hair fall. Sometimes, the medication can also cause thinning of hair and lead to excessive hair fall. Consult your doctor and take supplements and proper care of your hair to minimise the damage.

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