Ladies! For all of you that are sick and tired of dragging yourself to your monthly waxing appointment at the salon, or those of you that are looking to end the struggle with your razor—you’ve come to the right place! An all new hair removal technique is here and it’s being called the IPL hair removal.

Here’s the four-one-one on IPL hair removal...

What is it?

IPL, or intense pulsed light removal, is a form of permanent hair removal—it can significantly reduce or remove body hair growth on the arms, legs, underarms, face, back, stomach and Brazilian can be done as well.

How does it work?

As can be guessed from the name, IPL hair removal involves using bright light to remove hair. Essentially, light is specifically directed onto the hair on a particular body part, which issues energy pulses onto the surface of the skin. This is then taken up by melanin—a pigment that gives hair its colour and results in the damage of the hair follicles, considerably impairing their ability to produce hair.

IPL tends to be more effective on darker, thicker hair as the visibility allows the light to be able to pick up on the hair follicles more easily. Therefore, if you have comparatively dark skin, such that your hair is less outwardly perceptible, we suggest using other forms of permanent hair removal like laser.

Does it hurt?

While IPL is comparatively painless to laser, it is not uncommon to feel a stinging sensation in particular areas. When the area is relatively easy for the hand piece to be placed, there is said to be minimal pain. However, in areas where it sits less comfortable on the skin, one may experience a slight throbbing pain.

Can your hair grow back after treatment?

While IPL is a form of permanent hair removal, it is possible for hair to grow back if your body undergoes severe hormonal changes—this means that events like pregnancy and menopause may induce the regrowth of hair even after IPL.

It is also important to know that IPL is not always completely successful at permanently removing all body hair. It can be safely said that it will hugely reduce hair growth – by reducing not only the speed at which hair grows back, but also the thickness of the hair – such that you can go without shaving or waxing for months on end, however it may not fully stunt every hair follicle in the areas where you have received treatment.

How often would you need to do it?

If you’re an ideal candidate for IPL—with relatively fair skin and dark hair – you should complete your treatment in around 6-8 sessions, each spaced one or two months apart. However, there is no hard and fast rule for this: for those with lighter hair, more sessions may be required before your hair is completely removed.

It should also be noted that during this entire process of removal, your growth patterns will be abnormal, with normal growth in some areas and almost no growth at all in others.

Should you do any prep before the appointment?

It would do well to hydrate the skin by applying moisturizer a few days before your appointment to reduce irritation. It is also recommended that you shave a day before your treatment, however you should call your salon to double check before you do this.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending upon the size of the area, but prices can be as low as Rs.1000 per session. The best way to check cost would be to call up your salon before making an appointment as they might have special packages that provide discounts.


At home vs. at the salon

At home vs. at the salon

If you find that going to the salon is out of your budget, there are now a wide range of IPL home kits that are much more affordable. However, it should be known that these won’t be as effective as salon treatment.