Hair transplant surgery is gaining a lot of popularity. Dealing with hair loss is difficult and hair transplants offer a permanent solution. But at what cost? What are the pros and cons of getting hair transplant surgery? Here we list some advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before taking the plunge…

Changes your look

Changes the way you look

Everyone wants to look good and we covet anything that will help beautify us. Balding patches on your head not only look bad but also decrease your confidence. A hair transplant will make a difference to your looks and not to mention, confidence!

Doesn’t require special care

The primary benefit of this treatment is that it doesn’t require any special care afterwards. You can still use your favourite scented shampoo and conditioner without any side-effects.

It’s safe, natural and permanent

Hair transplant surgery basically transplants hair follicles from the back of your head to the place where it’s thinning. So, it’s your own hair that is growing back—just with some external help. And once you’re done with the treatment, it’s permanent because the roots at the back of your head are stronger so the hair fall is lower.

Long recovery period

The recovery period for this treatment is long and generally takes 8 months for full healing. It’s an extensive process and requires a lot of commitment. You also need to be in overall good health for the transplant to work out well.

hair transplant

Considerable cost

The cost for carrying out this surgery is considerably large. So, this might weigh heavy on your decision on whether you want to get it done. Consult with qualified technicians before you make the decision.