A Guide To Match Your Hair Colour To Your Skin Undertone 

Written by Anushka ShahSep 19, 2022
A Guide to Match Your Hair Colour to Your Skin Undertone 

Allow your hair hue to pop by doing the most integral - match it to your skin’s undertone! Read more to know the best hair colour for warm and cool undertones. 

We’ve all been there, baffled in a room full of people when someone asks, “so, what’s your undertone?” Keeping our basic beauty answers ready, this complex dermis question is a famous one for throwing us all off guard. However, let us ease you by assuring you that - hey, you aren’t alone.  We all know the skin tone narrative and don’t shy away from indulging in deeper skin TLC convos, undertones are a completely different subject - that require your immediate attention. Not only so you can make the diva talk but more importantly because it determines loads of things; foundation shades, jewellery finishes and to top the chart, your hair colour! Selecting the right hue for yourself would be picking out a colour that compliments you undertone and hence, enhances your entire look - whether your mane is dblowdrie or not! So, if you’re keen to book your next salon appointment with all information intact, scroll below to unveil all things undertones - hair colour for warm undertones and hair colour for cool undertones. 

How to determine your skin’s undertone? 

hair colour for warm undertone, hair colour for cool undertones woman brown straight hair

Sun Test 1 

There are two overarching categories: your skin either has a cool or a warm undertone. To determine which category you belong to, look at your wrist closely in direct sunlight. You have a warm undertone if the veins in your wrist are green, and a cool undertone if they are blue. And that’s about it - easy peasy, detect it yourself.  

Sun Test 2 

There are alternative tests to your rescue too AKA the sun test! Wonder how this works? Let us tell you.

Throw it back to one of your beach vacays, and imagine all that sun soaking you did! And now depending how the sun reacted to your skin, you can determine your undertone! Let’s say you got that natural blush on your cheeks…we’re talking about the glorious (and painful) sunburn. If that’s you then you have a cool undertone.  

However, if you skin is prone to that deep and dark IG model tanning situation, then you have a warm undertone.  

And lastly ladies, to save yourself from this way of checking your undertone (if that’s not the agenda) don’t forget to make a good quality SPF your BFF. If you’re looking for suggestions, we love the Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 Lotion. 

Clothing Test  

The fun begins here as all your fav #ootds and #ootns come into play. Why? Well, because we’re going to ask you to play with all the hues for you to find out what’s your undertone. For starters, get into a well lit room - preferably daylight and take a big mirror (so you don’t miss any angles.) Pick the garments and place them near your skin to see how the colours make you look. If cool colours, like blue, black, purple and that entire family make your skin tone pop - make a note, that you’re one with a cool undertone. However if the browns, olive and those deep hues complement your skin, then know it or not, you have a warm undertone. 

So now, that you’ve got the undertone angle clear, let’s plunge into the juicy bits - what’s the best hair colour for warm undertones and the most sensational selection for cool undertones. After all, we ladies have to keep our A game on always. 

Cool Undertone 

hair colour for warm undertone, hair colour for cool undertones woman brown straight hair

If you’re on the fairer side of things, rocking that cool undertone (indicating you have a lot of pink, blue or red undertones in your complexion), you want your hair colour to help minimise any redness in your skin. So, when in this kind of doubt opt for warm or golden hair colour tones for that full on flattering look. We’re talking golden blondes, warm reds or neutral brunettes. These sensational hues will help counter-balance your pinky skin tone and complement your face. For warmer undertones (think hints of yellow or orange), your ideal hair colour should give your skin a healthy, natural-looking flush. Go for hues that are cool, ashy or have reddish tones, like honey or strawberry blondes, golden copper, cool beige brown and rich browns. Just follow these simple steps and watch the compliments come your way! And well, these are the best hair hues for cool undertones.  

Warm Undertone 

hair colour for warm undertone, hair colour for cool undertones woman brown straight hair

Striking the right contrast between your complexion and hair colour is key, and at the intersection of that you will find the best hair colour for warm undertones. What you don’t want is your hair colour to perfectly match your skin’s undertone—orelse your features will disappear. If your skin’s undertone is warmer, you have the liberty to choose from a plethora of beautiful shades (know more here) of mahogany or copper that bring out the sunniness in your skin. A darker red (nothing orange, please) will suit your complexion the best. Avoid the colour if you tend to turn red every time you step out in the sun. If you are feeling particularly adventurous and want to go for something different - Green, blue or purple are some colours you can try. If you aren’t that daring, maybe you can use these colours as highlights instead.  

FAQs regarding how to match your hair colour to your skin undertone  

Discuss some commonly asked questions here, examples below  

Can my skin’s undertone change? 

Although you won’t be able to see any visible changes, your skin’s tone is prone to change throughout the year (a shade or two deeper in the summer or maybe fairer or lighter in the winter months). However, your undertone will never change – it is constant.  

Can you suggest an alternative way to figure out my skin's undertone? 

If you’re still unsure, try this trick: Put on silver earrings or a silver necklace and look in the mirror. Then switch to gold jewellery. Which colour looks better? Can’t choose consult a pal. Answer being, cooler skin tones look more radiant in silver, while gold jewellery pops against warm skin. 

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