5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Hair Is Falling Out

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
5 surprising reasons why your hair is falling out

Terrifying, awful and incredibly stressful—hair fall is your hair’s worst enemy! While it is normal to lose around 50-150 strands a day, crossing this mark is what may cause trouble. 

Your hair is your best accessory! Precisely why, it is heartbreaking when it is falling out. But hang on! We’ve got some good news for you. You may be able to reverse or slow the process if you can narrow down the cause of excessive hair fall. Confused? Don’t be! We’ll help you with reasons that are leading to hair fall and they are certainly going to leave you surprised...


Over-styling is a big no-no

The changing seasons

While we understand that it is important for you to style your hair before leaving the house, over-brushing, over-use of heat-styling tools and long-hold hair products can lead to breakage. This may make it look like your hair is falling out — but it's actually breaking off of the ends or the shaft, not coming out at the roots. It is, therefore, ideal to always towel-dry or air-dry your hair, brush gently and avoid long-hold styling products.


Take a break from your usual hairstyle

The changing seasons

Did you know? Wearing the same hairstyle all the time can also cause hair fall. If you are one of them who never switches their hair-do, then there are chances that you may have “traction alopecia”, a condition that occurs after persistent gentle pulling on the roots over several hours or days. Therefore, it is best to keep changing your hairstyle and even your hair-parting to keep things fresh as well as healthy.


Poor diet

The changing seasons

It is important to balance your in-take of Vitamin A. While too little of it can lead to dry, brittle hair that can break off, too much of it may lead to actual hair loss. Therefore, ensure that your Vitamin A level reaches a healthy range.


Not shampooing enough

The changing seasons

When you don’t wash your hair enough or don’t brush too often, you may see a couple of days’ worth of hair fibers being washed out on a single day. This means that you’re losing more hair than usual. It is, therefore, ideal to wash your hair atleast thrice a week. We suggest you use the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo that promises to repair hair damage and gives soft, smooth and shiny hair.


The changing seasons

The changing seasons

Believe it or not, the changing weather can also lead to hair fall. Your body goes through an adjustment period that can tamper with your hair growth cycle. Since hair grows faster in the summer, it’s only natural to experience more shedding at the end of the season.

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