5 things you should do if you have an extremely oily scalp

Written by Fatema HabibJan 30, 2020

Wait… did you just confuse glossy hair with greasy hair?! While glossy hair is in, greasy hair needs to be out ASAP!

Waking up to an overly greasy scalp is definitely not your ideal I-woke-up-like-this look. Imagine, you’re already running late, and you still have to think of ways to cut down the excess greasiness before stepping out. Yes, the frustration can be REAL!

But wait… before you give up on your hair, we’ll tell you what hair care tips you should follow if you’re constantly dealing with an oily scalp.

Here are 5 things you should do if you have an extremely oily scalp.

#01: Shampoo with care

No one needs lessons in how-to-shampoo-your-hair. We’ve all been doing it for the longest time. But, what if we tell you that there’s a correct way of shampooing your hair? Girl, you were probably doing it wrong all this while *sigh*.

Firstly, shampoo is just for your roots and scalp, not for the ends of your hair. If you want to avoid excess greasiness in your scalp, then washing correctly is key.

Secondly, avoid using your nails and scrubbing your scalp vigorously as that could irritate your scalp and produce more oil.

#02: Limit the use of heat-styling tools

While straighteners and curling irons can make your hair look like you just walked out of a salon, they are definitely not your hair’s best friends. Did you know that heat-styling tools are the culprit behind greasy hair and scalp?

It is, therefore, important that you let your hair air-dry and embrace your natural hair texture on most days.

Only when needed should you reach for your blow-dryer and straightener.

#03: Clean your brushes regularly

Did you know that your hair tools need as much care as your makeup tools? Therefore, while you’re cleaning your makeup brushes from time to time, make sure that you give equal care and attention to your hairbrushes.

Remove all the stray hair strands daily and wash your brush with a gentle soap at least once a week so as to get rid of all the germs, bacteria, oils and product buildup.

When you don’t clean your hairbrushes regularly, the oils transfer back to your hair making your scalp greasier.

#04: Use oil-fighting natural ingredients

Apart from using a clarifying shampoo that helps lift oil from your scalp and leaves your hair grease-free, it is also important that you pamper your tresses with oil-fighting natural ingredients from time to time.

Aloe vera is one such ingredient that will help fight excess greasiness and leave your locks soft and nourished.

All you need to do is extract fresh aloe gel from the leaf and rub it into your scalp. You can use this as a post-wash treatment. Aloe helps banish oiliness, product buildup and soothes the scalp.

#05: Be gentle with your mane

Pulling and tugging at your strands can only make it weaker and more susceptible to breakage. And that’s not all! It can also add to your greasy scalp woes.

Whether you’re washing, scratching, combing or styling, being gentle with your hair is key.

Harsh treatment towards your hair can irritate your scalp which in turn can over-stimulate sebum production in your scalp, causing your hair to be overly greasy.