Here’s All The Ammunition You Need To Control Hair Loss

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Here’s all the ammunition you need to control hair loss

While hair shedding is a part of everyday life, excessive hair loss can totally bring your hair game down. Apart from clogging drains and turning your carpet into a hairy rug, hair loss is your hair’s worst enemy and a major turn-off, especially when it comes to styling.

So, what exactly is the cause for hair loss, factors such as diet, mineral deficiency, pollution, stress and of course, genetics. Hair loss is a common phenomenon in many women, and a cruel reminder of how little attention you’ve paid to your hair care regimen. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with 5 simple ways to control hair loss...


Oil massage

Keep yourself hydrated

Oiling your scalp on a regular basis with coconut oil, almond oil or sesame oil will treat many hair concerns. A night before your hair wash day, treat your scalp to lukewarm oil massage. Doing so will not only relieve you of stress but also improve blood circulation in the scalp which in turn will lead to stimulating the hair follicles.


Brushing wet hair is a strict no-no

Keep yourself hydrated

Did you know? Your hair is in its weakest state when wet. It is, therefore, not a good idea to brush your hair right after a hair wash as it could simply increase the chances of hair fall. Although if you want to comb your wet hair, always use a wide-tooth comb and be very gentle.



Keep yourself hydrated

Being a rich source of protein, eggs help keep your hair thick, strong and healthy. All you need to do is whisk a few eggs to make a paste and apply it on your hair. Let the mask sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing off. This DIY hair mask is one of the best ways to infuse your hair with protein for voluminous and shiny locks.


Diet plays a major role

Keep yourself hydrated

It is important for your diet to be rich in calcium, protein and iron. Increase your intake of seeds, nuts and green leafy vegetables which is vital for ensuring a healthy scalp. A multi-vitamin diet can be beneficial in controlling severe hair loss.


Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated

The key to promoting healthy hair and preventing hair loss is keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. Did you know? Apart from poor nutrition, eating disorders such as anorexia could also be a contributing factor to hair loss. Anorexia causes severe malnutrition but it also causes a high proportion of hair follicles to stop their growth cycle. Therefore, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

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