Smelly Hair Bothering You? Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Smelly hair bothering you? Here’s how you can deal with it

Smelly hair is a very common issue that isn’t talked about too often. Why?  Because nobody wants to talk about it (sigh!). Hair odour is a real thing and a lot of people struggle with it, especially peeps with an oily scalp.

A day or two after you wash your hair, the grime, grease and sweat build-up on your hair causes your hair to stink. But you can’t live like that all your life (please don’t). You can tackle this hair woe with the right tips and tricks.

If you are dealing with smelly hair, here are three hair care tips you can follow and keep this embarrassing and annoying hair issue at bay.


Exfoliate your scalp regularly

Use a hair mist

This one’s a no brainer. You want to keep the repulsive stench away? Scrub it off! Your scalp accumulates a great deal of dirt, sweat and oil throughout the day. Exfoliating your scalp regularly will help keep it healthy and fresh. Make hair scrub a part of your weekly hair care routine to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh.


Mask it with a dry shampoo

Use a hair mist

Your hair is bound to get oily and grimy, but that’s okay. While you can’t stop that and definitely do not want to wash your hair every day, you can zap the excess oil and grease from your scalp with a sprinkle of dry shampoo. Pick one with a sweet smell so it covers the odour just fine while also making your hair appear less greasy.


Use a hair mist

Use a hair mist

There are days when you don’t have the time but are in dire need of a hair wash. But, instead of being the talk of the town for your smelly hair, combat the odour by spritzing some hair mist in your hair. Alternatively, you can also spray some on your brush and comb your hair with it to keep it smelling good all day.

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