Life Is Too Short To Have Dull, Damaged Hair

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Life is too short to have dull, damaged hair

Do you constantly experiment with your hair? Bleach it, colour it, straighten it, permit, have you done it all? While you may have proudly sported one new look after the other, have you stopped to think what all of these treatments may have done to your hair?

Let us look at what each of these treatments does to your damaged hair:


Hair colouring

Blow drying, heat styling

Hair colours make the hair shaft weak and it takes two months for your hair to recover from this damage.

What to do: When you have dry, damaged hair, avoid getting chemical treatments done. Repair and nourish your hair and give it time to recover its natural, healthy state before you get the next chemical treatment done.


Hair bleaching

Blow drying, heat styling

This is the process where the natural colour of your hair is forcefully removed so it can look lighter or it can be dyed another colour. And no prizes for guessing, this involves chemicals! What’s worse is that heat is applied to make the process quicker. This makes your hair brittle and dry.

What to do: Avoid chemical treatments and try no heat styling for some time. Allow your hair to recover its natural state. Indulge in some natural restorative treatments.


Perming hair

Blow drying, heat styling

This process involves altering the stricture of your hair by breaking the existing bonds with the help of chemicals. The description of the process itself is enough to make you avoid getting perming done!

What to do: Say ‘no’ to hair treatments that use chemicals and mess with the structure of your hair. Use natural ingredients to restore your hair.


Too many tight updos

Blow drying, heat styling

Yes, you read that right. Keeping your hair tied tightly for long periods of time tug at the roots and weakens them and this may lead to an increase in hair fall.

What to do:

Keep your hair loose and use scrunchies that are covered in fabric, as these are gentler on your hair.


Over brushing your hair

Blow drying, heat styling

Too much of even a good thing can be bad, right? While brushing your hair de-tangles it and keeps it shiny, over-doing it can cause a lot of friction that may lead to hair breakage.

What to do: Use good quality brushes, especially ones with natural bristles. Boar bristles are especially good for the hair. Keep a wide tooth comb in the shower and brush through your hair after applying conditioner. This helps evenly distribute the conditioner and detangle your hair (It will then be easier to dry it).


Blow drying, heat styling

Blow drying, heat styling

When your use a straightener or a curling iron, the concentrated heat dries up your hair and makes it dry and brittle. Same goes for when you use a blow dryer.

What to do: Air dry your hair after every wash. And once it is 80-90% dry, apply a heat protectant spray or cream and then use the heat styling devices.

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