Your hair usually puts up with a lot, thanks to all the sun damage, styling and colouring. Overtime, all of this makes your hair look like it is a close relative to straw and the ends start to resemble a broom. If this is something you relate to, your hair is most likely dry, brittle and very prone to breakage.

We know it sounds scary. For this very reason, we have curated a list of things you can do to prevent your hair from reaching this sad state with a few simple tips. Read on to find out what they are...


Trim your hair regularly

Trim your hair regularly for hair growth

Most of us are guilty of not doing this as often as is required, especially when we are trying to grow our hair longer. But we must tell you, that trimming your hair every three months is important if you are trying to achieve healthy hair. You’ll definitely notice a difference in your hair texture over time with regular trims.


Wash hair less often

Wash hair less often for hair growth

Washing your hair every single day is a cardinal sin in the hair universe. Shampooing your hair too often makes your strands dry and brittle as shampoo strips away all the natural oils from you scalp. So keep oiliness at bay by using a dry shampoo in between washes.


Use the correct shampoo and conditioner

Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for hair growth

If you have dry and brittle hair, it is very important that you choose the products that infuse your hair with the required hydration and nourishment. Pick shampoos and conditioners that have ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil or coconut oil for that added boost of moisture.


Do not comb wet hair

Do not comb wet hair for hair growth

If your hair is prone to breakage, always remember that should NEVER EVER comb or brush wet hair. This is because wet hair is extremely delicate and weak right after a wash and combing them will only make them more susceptible to breakage.


Sleep on a silk pillow cover

Sleep on a silk pillow cover  for hair growth

Using a silk pillow over a cotton one has a lot of benefits. The smooth fabric won’t tug or pull at your strands. This plays a major role in preventing static, tangles and breakage.