Whether you're getting a fresh colour or a trendy cut, you can change up your hair in so many different ways. One of them is opting for a short haircut that is instantly recognisable and statement-making. They come with their own set of pros as well — low maintenance, lesser heat styling and way healthier for the ends (since they are closer to roots and can receive nourishing scalp oils). Not to forget that a good short haircut can transform your look and enhance your features.

Turns out, celebrities agree with going short as well. Some did it to make quarantine easier, and the others, to catapult short haircuts from convenient styles to trendy hair looks that lazy girls will love to sport! Here are some of our favorite celeb-approved short haircuts that you can take inspiration from for your next hair makeover...


01. Fringed bob

01.  Fringed bob

Image courtesy: @maisie_williams

If you have been ‘bangry’ for far too long, this is your time to shine! Razored fringes will meet you mid-way if you’ve struggled with making bags work for you. They are universally flattering to all face shapes. We also love that they have been paired with GOT star Maisie Willimas’ chin length bob; the cut looks so chic!


02. Close cropped

02. Close cropped

Image courtesy: @kalkikanmani

Leave it to Kalki to start the close cropped haircut trend among desi girls! This casual cut can be a good switch up from your usually ‘put-together’ hairdo and still look fabulous on day-3 hair.


03. Choppy pixie

03.  Choppy pixie

Another GOT alum on this list, Emilia Clarke’s choppy pixie haircut proved that even fine hair can rock all that texture! Plus, a pixie will never go out of style — so you might as well add it to your wishlist RN.


04. Angular lob

04. Angular lob

Image courtesy: @katyperry

If you’re unwilling to commit to a super short haircut, a lob will be a good compromise. Katy Perry’s angular lob perfectly matches her glam-diva vibe and looks oh-so-sleek; if you're looking for a work-appropriate short style, this is your best bet.


05. The modern buzz

05. The modern buzz

Image courtesy: @kristenstewartx

Not sure how we feel about it yet, but the buzz cut is getting more and more popular in street style everyday, Kristen Stewart' blonde buzz moment might just be the crazy cut you have been searching for all your life!

Main images courtesy: @kaiagerber, @dualipa