Hairstyles for Long and Curly Hair: 7 of the best 

Written by Lopa KOct 02, 2022

Image credit: @janet_amrani, @jessica_mayarag

Are your hands tired as you try to style your long and curly hair? Or is the frizz annoying how the end result looks? Well, here are some easy curly hairstyles for long hair and quick tips on how to perfect them. 

Sure, curly hairstyles for long hair are super cute. But when you are blessed with super long curly hair, in reality, it is actually a mess of curls, frizz and frustration as you try to manage them. You end up learning to live with the fact that you are always going to be late to work, meetings and basically everything just so you can look presentable. First, it takes so much time to detangle your knotty hair and then it literally takes forever to style it in a decent hairstyle. Sigh! Life is really tough for us girls with curls, but don’t fret. We just might have a solution for you. 

Hairstyles for long and curly hair - the basics  

If you are always running late because of your long curly hair or you are short on hair inspo for your curly mane, we have a bunch of celebrity-approved curly hairstyles for long hair that you can put together without spending hours. These hairstyles are chic, easy and will take like five minutes to do. From simply pinning up your curls to braiding your hair, let’s take a look. 

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What are the 7 best curly hairstyles for long hair to try?  

Top Pick #1 - Braided low ponytail 

A braid has got to be the go-to hairstyle for every curly-haired girl. It keeps your hair well-behaved, tangle-free and well, how fabulous does the braid look with all that volume you got? But it does take a lot of effort and time to work a full braid. Try this half braided ponytail that is quick and gorgeous. Simply do a French braid till you reach the nape of your neck and tie it. You can also do a simple braid if French braid tires you out. Then let the rest of your curls fall over your shoulders in a ponytail.   

Image credit: @taapsee

Top Pick #2 -  Side pinned back look 

This is one of the most easiest yet glamorous curly hairstyles for long hair that we have come across. The 80s’ big hair look with a stack of blingy pins on the side will not take you, what—less than a minute? Show off your natural curls for a glam event by just adding the bling factor with a barrette or hair pin. Create a side parting and on the narrower side, comb your hair back till the centre of your crown. Pin it with a hair pin and you’re done! 

Image credit: @sanyamalhotra_

Top Pick #3 - Messy top knot 

Going for a shopping spree, brunch or casual date? Wrap your long curls in a messy top knot. Also known as the pineapple hairstyle, it will look voluminous and textured, thanks to your fuller-looking hair. The wavy fringe falling on the side of the face is what we are totally gushing over. Simply leave some wisps from the front and take the rest of your hair in a bun and place it atop your head. Secure with a scrunchie or bobby pins. Avoid brushing your hair back to perfect that messy look.  

Image credit: @lizzobeeating

Top Pick #4: Sky high ponytail 

If you thought Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail is only for a poker straight mane, think again. A sky-high ponytail looks equally (or maybe even more) gorgeous on curly hair and Lizzo is proof. Copy this look in a tick by flipping your hair upside down and making a ponytail on the crown. Add pins at the back to keep the ponytail sky high. Avoid using a hairbrush and keep the hair tousled and messy.    

Image credit: @diamirzaofficial

Top Pick #5: Twisted half up-half down look 

Here is a two-minute hairstyle for all those lazy girls with curls. Maybe you don’t have the time because you overslept or maybe you don’t feel like making a bulky braid or bun. Simply part your hair down the centre and twist a small section from each side. Pin them both at the back and let your gorgeous curls loose.   

Image credit: @society19

Top Pick #6: Pretty top braids 

Intricate top braids look oh-so-lovely on a curly mane. Start by creating a middle part in your hair and take a small section of hair from one side and make a French braid. Repeat on the other side. Once done, spray some hair spray on your styled hair. This way your curls will stay in place all day and will be protected from humidity, one of the biggest enemies of curly hair which swells up if there is even the slightest moisture in the air. 

Image credit: @nandeezy

Top Pick #7: Half Space Buns 

With space buns being all the rage now, even you can jump on this trend. They are super cute and look gorgeous on curly hair too. They add that effortless vibe, which we love. This fun hairstyle will pair perfectly with your LBD on a Friday night as it will with your floral dress on a Sunday brunch. All you need to do is divide your hair in half. Take the top half of the hair on each side and tie them into buns. If you’re feeling experimental, you can go ahead and try full space buns too. 

Prep before styling curly hair 

Do you get tired of detangling your knots till you just pull it all in a ponytail and call it a day? Or does the frizz make your hairstyles look messy? Well, before you style your hair, just like any other hair type, you need to prep. But if you don’t have time for the intricate curly hair routines, we have some quick fixes for you. 

Deep cleanse with shampoo and conditioner 

Start by washing and cleaning your hair. We’d suggest going for the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Thanks to Morocco’s liquid gold – the argan oil, it smoothens your frizz visibly. It even makes use of micro-moisture technology and camellia oil to moisturise your hair, keep it shiny and keep it from drying, one of the banes of having curly hair. You will end up with frizz-free hair for as long as 3 days so you don’t have to worry about constantly straightening it or oiling it. 

Calm frizz with hair serum 

Follow up with the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum which has argan oil and camellia oil too, to easily calm frizz, making it easy to style your curls. On top of it, the keratin in these products strengthen your hair and reduces damage. Soften your tresses by applying it mid-lengths to the tips while your hair is still damp.  

Detangle your hair 

While there is much debate on whether you should comb your hair when it’s wet or dry, both parties agree that you should be gentle while detanglng hair. But the general consensus among us curly-haired girls is that it is easier and safer to comb hair when it is damp. This way, it prevents frizz, reduces breakage and flattens any flyaways. Use a wide-toothed comb and comb downwards. And then get to styling your hair! 

FAQs about hairstyles for long and curly hair  

How can I style my curls without it turning frizzy? 

If your hair just keeps getting frizzier by the minute, it may have something to do with the static electricity of your plastic and fine-toothed comb. Start detangling the knots with a wide-toothed wooden comb. If you prefer brushes, go for one with flexible bristles and that have rounded tips. You should also be gentle and not tug your hair to reduce breakage. You can comb downwards to upwards to retain your curls. 

How should I style loose curls? 

If your hair tends to land more on the wavy side of the spectrum or if you have larger and looser curls, try out half up-half down hairstyles. Since the volume of your hair is relatively lesser, you can easily manage a half-do without worrying about getting them tangled. 

Is braid good for curly hair? 

Yep. Braids not only make your hair look pretty but they can also be used to create protective hairstyles that make sure that your curls stay in shape and don’t get damaged. Braids are the easiest way to keep your frizz in control and reduce knots especially when you are travelling.  

Well, there you have it. If you are tired of intricate braids and crown hairstyles but still want to keep things classy, look no further. With these easy curly hairstyles for long hair elevate your hair game while also keeping them tangle free.