Weddings are often the most anticipated day in the life of any woman, with each one wanting to look her best on the day. Needless to say, hair plays a huge role here. And if you have a long and beautiful mane, even better! People think that wedding hairstyles for long hair are difficult and boring to pull off. However, it’s quite the opposite. You can style your long hair in many ways for your special day. The only difficulty that brides with long hair may face, if any, is the fact that hairstyles may get a little heavy and tiring to pull off, owing to the length of the ceremonies. But well, it’s just one day, and that too, a very special one. A word of caution though, ensure that your stylist does a good job of keeping the hairstyle intact, especially if you have long hair.

So here we are, ready to help you up your hair game. Take a look at our specially curated list of wedding hairstyles for long hair that will make sure no one can take their eyes off you when you walk down the aisle.


1. Headband it up

Headband it up

A gorgeous headband can transform your entire look. Add a bun to the equation and your long hair will look not only managed, but also simply breathtaking. We recommend a vine-style headband. Also, ensure that the bun is a loose one with a few strands framing your face. This is one dreamy wedding hairstyle for long hair that you would surely rock with your dress.


2. Crowning jewel

Crowning jewel

Accessorising your hair is always a good option, especially when you are looking to rock wedding hairstyles on long hair. If you do not wish to use a dainty headband as we mentioned above, you can surely go for a tiara. And why not? After all, it’s your day! Pull your hair back in a sleek hairdo, place the veil and fix the crown where the two meet. You will look every bit the royal that you are!


3. Vine waves

Vine waves

Not quite sure of any of the many wedding hairstyles for long hair? Go for open tresses, fixed partially, so that your look remains intact and in place. Go for beautiful waves that are secured half-way with the help of pins and beautiful vine-style hair accessories. You can even use flowers if you want, but accessories look better and stay better. This is one of those wedding hairstyles for long hair that screams gorgeous from the word go.


4. Rose buns

Rose buns

Flowers are always a special part of weddings, make it a part of your hairstyle as well. This hairdo is especially a simple one, even if it looks complicated. And for brides with long hair, this looks magical. Simply take small sections of hair from the front and roll them up into half buns. Pin these with a flower. This one is traditional and chic at the same time, and thus one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair.


5. Beachy bun

Beachy bun

This is again one of the most sought-after wedding hairstyles for long hair. Beautiful buns that are secured using floral jewellery are a rage. First, beachy waves are created and then, with all the volume, the hair is gathered into a bun, using pins and flowers. It works beautifully with both ethnic bridal ensembles and western ones.


6. Good ol’ ponytail

Good ol’ ponytail

If you are someone who wishes to keep things simple, with just the slightest amount of extravagance, this should be your pick. Just allow a few strands to frame your face and use a hair accessory that can light up your simple hairdo. Let your bridal happiness and glow do the rest of the job


7. Top notch top knot

Top notch top knot

Honestly, why not? Top knots are mess-free and comfortable. As a bride, when you have to spend hours in front of an audience, this one is not only a practical option, but also a chic and smart one. However, you can ask your stylist to get a bit creative with the top knot. Add an accessory or just some flowers to accentuate the top knot. After all, it is your special day and you have gorgeous hair to show off.


8. Half top knot

Half top knot

Don’t want to go for a complete top knot yet wish for a fuss-free hairdo? Let the ‘half’ top knot come to your rescue. You can ask your stylist to get peppy with the remaining half hair. There is no dearth of creativity when you are looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair. Add some beachy waves, for instance, and you are done!


9. Simple and straight

Simple and straight

If you are not the one for drama and extravagance, go for simple and straight hair. This does not take any time to create and will make your life simpler, as it doesn’t require any accessories and much styling.


10. Sleek bun

Sleek bun

Again, if you are a fan of bridal hairstyles for long hair that can sweep you off your feet with their simplicity, this bun should be your choice. A very elegant style, this one will go beautifully with your attire, making you look like a dream.


11. French braid

French braid

French braids can never go out of vogue. Braid it up, the French style, and perhaps, add some flowers or pearls to it. After all, every bride needs to sparkle on her special day. Let this hairstyle do the job for you.


12. Cascading curls

Cascading curls

You can never go wrong with curls, especially natural, wavy ones that are styled loose and cascade down your back, complimenting your gorgeous wedding dress and giving you a beautiful, princess-like look.


13. Messy bun

Messy bun

This is a little tricky to pull off, but if done well and accessorised in the most minimal way, using either a jewel or a flower, gives you a most distinguished look. Use a large flower in pastel shades or a pearly jewel which will accentuate your hair beautifully.


14. Sectioned braid

Sectioned braid

Bored of the usual wedding hairstyles for long hair and want to try something different for your special day? We have the answer. This is a beautiful bridal hairstyle which is mostly seen in South Indian weddings. It features semi-open hair with a bubble braid, coupled with floral jewellery. You can even give it your own spin by using other accessories or even by going minimal.


15. Flowers in your mane

Flowers in your mane

Floral getups are a rage nowadays. And trust us, it looks simply gorgeous. It looks even better when paired with long hair. This is one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair that will surely perk up your entire look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest