New Hair New You: 5 Chic Hairstyles For Short Hair To Try In 2022

Written by Urvi ShahJul 27, 2022
New hair new you: 5 chic hairstyles for short hair to try in 2022

It’s the first week of 2022, and there’s so much going on already! We’re curating new bucket-lists, revamping our wardrobe, and promising to prioritise ourselves this year. One of the most common ways to reel in a new beginning is by evolving your hairstyles. It’s almost like a little tweak in our hairstyles sets the tone for our resolutions, no? And if you’ve got short hair and don’t think you can pull off any hairstyles, we’re here to prove you wrong. Team BB has done some research, and put together a list of the most chic hairstyles for short hair to try in 2022. Read on…


01. A braided bob

Messy bun

Image Courtesy: @stylesatlife

Don’t know how to style your bob? All you have to do is add a few braids to one side of your hair, and secure them with pins. This is a straightforward look that you can create within minutes. No blow-drying. No straightener. To add to the oomph factor of your look, place some rhinestones on your eyelids, and paint your lips a hue of scarlet.


02. Slicked-back hair

Messy bun

Image Courtesy: @latesthair

A sultry, badass look? Check! Spray your hair with a little bit of water, and brush it out from the front to the back. Once you’ve slicked your hair back, apply a little bit of gel to the roots at the front, and proceed to run your fingers toward the top of your hair. Move to the ends. Brush your hair once again, from the front to the back. Pair this look with a vibrant eyeshadow and dangling earrings!


03. Half-up space buns

Messy bun

Image Courtesy: @thetrendspotter

Start with a centre part, and fluff up your hair a little for volume. Tie two pigtails on each side of your part, secure them with elastics, and twist the entire length of each pigtail until you’ve reached the end. For tighter buns, create a tight twist; and for larger, looser buns, create a loose twist. Proceed to wrap the twisted pigtail around the elastic to form a bun, and repeat this on the other side. Hold the buns in place with bobby pins. And you’re done!


04. Beachy waves

Messy bun

Image Courtesy: @latesthairstyles

We're not getting over this look any time soon. It's just so chic. Pull all of your hair around the crown into a half updo temporarily, and work with the hair at the bottom. Clamp down on your hair with a straightener. Now, this is where it gets tricky. Roll your straightener away from the face, toward the face a little further down, and so on until you reach the ends to achieve a crimped look. For the next section, repeat the same step, just crimp toward, away, and toward this time. Keep alternating as you move on to a new section. Conclude with a texturising spray for extra volume.


o5. Messy bun

Messy bun

Image Courtesy: @therighthairstyles

If you have fine, short hair, and have given up on the idea of recreating a messy bun, we've got you. Bunch all of your hair up into a sky-high ponytail, secure it with an elastic, and start teasing it by back-brushing to add more volume to the look - make sure you're being gentle. Twist your hair around the elastic loosely - don't overthink it. Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. You might notice a lot of strands peeking out from underneath the bun. Just brush them, and settle them with more pins. And that's it!

Main Image Courtesy: @yamigautam

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