While straight hair was a rage back in the 2000s (I remember getting hair rebonding treatment done), the current wave sweeping through the beauty world  is curls! To be honest, even though curls give a naturally bouncy look and take the volume of your hair a notch up, curling hair and setting it can be tricky!

When it comes to curling hair, it’s not as much a task for those with long hair as it is for girls with shorter tresses. In general, styling short hair does require a little extra effort, but it’s totally worth it because nothing catches attention like a curly, cropped mane. It looks stylish, sassy and sexy!

step by step guide to curl short hair

Step 1: Prep your hair

Before you go in with any of your heat-styling tools, always ensure that you’re using a heat-protectant spray. You may not realise immediately, but constant use of heat-styling tools can leave your hair looking dull, dehydrated and lifeless. It is, therefore, important to start with a heat-protectant spray to prevent damage from your curling iron.

Step 2: Section your hair

With short hair, you don’t need to create too many sections while curling your hair. All you need to do is take the upper half of your hair and clip them so that they are out of the way. This way, you will be able to reach the hair underneath with your curling iron. You don’t want only the upper half of your hair curled with the rest of your hair looking straight!

step by step guide to curl short hair

Step 3: Curl your hair

With straightening, we usually keep the straightener close to the root of the hair work our way to the ends. However, with curling, you need to follow a different technique altogether. Curl sections of hair away from your face if you want to achieve effortless waves. The trick is to use your right hand to curl the hair on the left side of your head and vice-versa. Also, avoid curling the ends as that can look unnatural.

Step 4: Hold, wait and release

Another trick to achieve dream-like waves is to set them the right way. As soon as your release a section of hair from around the barrel of the curling iron, hold it lightly in your hand for about three seconds, and release. Avoid combing through your curls when they’re still hot because doing so will make them fall flat immediately. Let it cool and use your fingers to comb through your hair.

Step 5: Let the upper half of your hair down

You can now let down the upper half of your hair that you clipped in the beginning and curl them similarly. Make sure your curling iron is away from your face while you curl your hair.

Image courtesy: Instagram