Styling thick hair is a task. Styling thick, short hair is even trickier task. A voluminous bob, however trendy and gorgeous, can look a bit untamed and unkempt, if you don't know how to style it. You can style your thick, short hair in stunning hairstyles that let you flaunt the volume and length of your hair, without it looking like a disaster waiting to happen.

If you’ve been putting off getting a bob just because you have an enviably voluminous mane, don’t! Here is how you can style your thick hair even when it is adorably short.

style short thick hair

The sleek look

Love half ponytails but fear you’ll end up looking like a school kid? Here’s a trick— use some hair gel or hairspray to make it sleek and smooth and tie your hair in a neat half ponytail. It really is as simple as that.

style short thick hair

Braid it

Who said you can’t braid short hair? Boxer braids are the way to go if you’re looking for an edgy yet adorbs hairstyle for yourself. Plus, it is the hottest hairstyle of the season. Ruby Rose did not let her pixie cut stop her from getting herself some box braids, so what reasons do you have for not getting on top of this style?

style short thick hair

All tucked in

Dress your tresses in a cool and classy red carpet hairstyle by tucking one side of your hair behind the ear and stacking studded hair pins on it. Get barrettes and clips and pin up those kinky, fuller locks to get a stylish hairdo.

style short thick hair

Knot now

Top knot is one hairstyle you can’t go wrong with. It is an easy-peasy hairdo that you can put together with minimum effort and still manage to look chic. Be it a hectic day at work or a brunch with friends, it keeps your thick hair intact all day. Make it as messy and casual as you want, perfection is overrated anyway!

style short thick hair

Pin up girl

Take half of the volume of your hair away from your face by pinning a section of your hair slightly up. This half-up half-down hairdo works equally well for different textures and makes for one glamorous hairstyle.  

Image courtesy: Pinterest