Healthy, luscious and thick hair is a gift of youth that is often taken for granted. However, as we start growing older, the hair loses its thickness and sheen if not properly cared for. After all, everything needs nourishment and nurturing to grow and maintain itself, if not get better. That’s the case with your tresses as well. The more you care for it, the more it will stay healthy. However, we also understand that when so many women are busy juggling professional and domestic responsibilities in today’s world, taking care of themselves takes a back seat.

Living in this fast-paced lifestyle filled with stress, are you too experiencing hair loss? Has your hair growth been stunted no matter how many hot oil massages you give yourself? Has your hair become limp? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then we’ve got a solution for you – yoga mudras. You might have heard of yoga asanas helping in hair growth, right? There are specific mudras – meaning hand gestures that activate the flow of energy in the body – that can help you grow out your mane. So, continue reading to know more about mudras for hair growth, how they help and which mudras you should practise regularly to help your tresses grow.


What are Yoga Mudras

What are Yoga Mudras?

Practiced for centuries in India, yoga is a symbol of mindfulness and wellness today. Gaining fans worldwide today, yoga has postures and breathing exercises that help keep the body healthy.

Apart from asanas, yoga also has mudras that are incredibly effective for various problems. So, what are yoga mudras? To put it simply, yoga mudras are hand gestures that act as subtle energy points that can heal the body to alleviate physiological ailments. Having lasting effects, mudras can be a simple way to help you get shiny and healthy hair.


How Do Yoga Mudras Help with Hair Growth

How Do Yoga Mudras Help with Hair Growth?

According to yoga, the human body is composed of five elements – Agni (fire), Jal (water), Vaayu (air), Prithvi (earth) and Akash (space). When there’s an imbalance in these elements, the outcome may often be in the form of hair anomalies.

Mudras are hand gestures, and they work because our fingers possess these five elements. Thus, when we try yoga mudras using our hands and fingers, it generates energy flow. Mudras enhance blood flow that triggers nutrient supply to the body, thickening the hair and nourishing it.

Some mudras also restore prana in the cells, which helps with preventing greying of hair. By restoring the earth elements, mudras strengthen hair tissues, thus addressing hair breakage concerns. Therefore, practicing specific mudras regularly helps to strengthen hair roots, reduce hair fall, nourish the dry scalp, and make hair thicker.


4 Yoga Mudras for Hair Growth

4 Yoga Mudras for Hair Growth

Whether you’re sitting on a park bench, or working from home, here are some mudras for hair growth that you can try. They will help you get healthier hair in the long run.

Prithvi mudra

Prithvi symbolises the earth element that resides in our body, and thus, this mudra for hair growth helps to promote the same element. Along with promoting the earth element in the body, Prithvi mudra decreases the fire element in the body, invigorating the hair tissues and thus helping with hair growth.

How to do it?

  • Sit in a comfortable position such as vajrasana or padmasana.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
  • Next, curl the ring finger of your hand towards your thumb.
  • Touch the tip of your ring finger to the tip of your thumb.
  • Keep the other three fingers extended.
  • Do this with both your hands.
  • Place both your hands on your upper thighs and keep your mind focussed on chanting ‘Om’.
  • Perform this mudra for 35 minutes every day.  


To get the best of Prithvi mudra, don’t force your fingers to extend. Press the tips of the ring finger and thumb gently, so it helps you concentrate better. Practice it in a quiet place and keep distractions away to focus appropriately.  

Prasanna mudra

Also known as Balayam yoga, Prasanna mudra is the most common technique used for aiding hair growth. This mudra for hair growth helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp and increases oxygen flow to the hair roots, thus giving you thick and healthy locks.

In this mudra, you essentially rub nails against one another. Since hair follicles are connected to the nerve endings in the nail beds, rubbing nails against each other stimulates blood flow to the scalp, thus encouraging hair regrowth.

How to do it?

  • Bring your hands to the level of your chest and curl the fingers of both hands inwards, leaving your thumb out.
  • In a swift up-down movement, rub nails vigorously against each other.
  • Continue this for 10 minutes. If you have significant hair problems, do this for 20 minutes.  

Vaayu mudra

As the name suggests, this mudra for hair growth works on the element of Vaayu. Practicing this mudra releases excess Vaayu or air from the body, thus providing relief from ailments caused due to aggravation of the air element in the body. This mudra also has a calming effect on the mind, and anxiety is touted to be one of the reasons for hair fall. Thus, practicing the mudra calms down your anxiety, thus reducing hair fall in the process.

How to do it?

  • Sit in a comfortable position such as Vajrasana or Padmasana.
  • Place the hands on your thighs with the palms facing the ceiling.
  • Keeping your back straight, close your eyes and take deep, relaxed breaths.
  • Now, fold the index finger such that its tip lies at the base of the thumb.
  • Remain in this position for 15 minutes. You can also extend it up to 30 minutes.


Once you have achieved the desired results, do not continue practising this mudra for hair growth as it may lead to an imbalance of Vaayu elements in the body, causing several ailments. Avoid exerting too much pressure on the index finger, and don’t keep your body tight as it would hinder the flow of energy.

Prana mudra

Involving three fingers, this mudra for hair growth enhances vital energy in the body. Prana means life, and this mudra is considered to be superior as it represents life. Regularly practising prana mudra allows energy to flow freely in the body. It also promotes the earth element and helps strengthen the hair and become longer.

How to do it?

  • To perform the Prana mudra, sit on the floor in a meditative pose such as Padmasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana.
  • Keep your back straight and keep your eyes closed to improve concentration.
  • Next, join the tip of the thumb to the tips of the ring finger mudra yoga and little finger, and do this with both hands.
  • Keep the remaining index and middle fingers straight and slightly stretched.
  • Hold the mudra for 20-25 minutes to feel its effect.  


While this mudra is beneficial in many ways, do not overdo it. If practised for long durations in one sitting, this mudra may increase weight as the prana mudra slows down the fire element and increases Kapha. Also, avoid practising this mudra after sunset as it triggers the body’s metabolic activities, and night is when the body shuts down its processes. If metabolic activities are initiated, you may not be able to sleep as the body will be active.

While practising these mudras, remember that the results may not be visible immediately. You need to continuously practise them. Also, see that you perform all these mudras either early in the morning, or 45 minutes after your afternoon meal. Do not perform to attempt them in the evening.

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