It’s about time to rummage into your old dresser drawers and fish out all the hair clips you own because they are so in vogue right now! Yes, the breakout accessory of the 2020 party season is a variety of hair clips that are reminiscent of 90s middle and high schools. These adorable hair accessories are not just for show either — they can be used to create the hairstyles and add a statement detail in that hair look. We think that is absolutely wonderful because you can replace heat styling with hair clips to create a wide range of hairstyles to pair with your party dresses...


01. Butterfly clips

01.  Butterfly clips

Image courtesy: @makeupbystephenny

Curly-haired girls rejoice — this one is right up your alley! Scatter a bunch of colourful butterfly clips over the length of your hair to recreate this hairstyle. Style butterfly clips with baby braids and half up half down styles as well. If you’re looking for something bigger, gold and silver chrome butterfly clips are a pretty stylish investment too.


02. Giant barrette clips

02. Giant barrette clips

Image courtesy: @iluvsarahii

Giant barrette clips do more than keep large sections of your hair secure, they can also be very chic. Pearly embellished barrettes are what you have been seeing on street style influencers right now. They work really well with most hairstyles and can be worn with buns, ponytails and with your hair down, especially with a side parting which makes it so French!


03. Texted

03.  Texted

W Image courtesy: @justinemarjan

ordy hair clips are a statement addition to your bling collection. Fashion is all about making a statement these days and a couple of glittery texts about the things that matter to you the most is a fun way to wear your heart on your sleeve!


04. Stacked pins

04. Stacked pins

Image courtesy: @brittanyxavier

2019 was all about stacking dainty necklaces. Now, it’s all about stacking hairpins! Mix and match different types of beaded and bedazzled pins to create a unique look. You can stack them in a deep side part, under a top knot and just above a low ponytail.


05. Huge claw clips

05.  Huge claw clips

Image courtesy: @shellycakess

Desi millennials know this hair accessory too well — our moms wore them in the pre-social media phase and we used them for pranks to clamp our siblings’ mouths shut! However, fashion enthusiasts today are loving huge claw clips and if you’re a lazy-girl-on-the go, looking for a multipurpose and chic hair accessory, this will be it.

Main image courtesy: @nicaphan, @iluvsarahii