How you style your hair makes a ton of difference to your overall appearance. While the hairstyle you choose can make you look sexy and chic, it could also, on the other hand, make you look a lot older than you actually are.

Weird, isn’t it?

If you wish to save yourself from adding those extra years to your age or from looking plain and unattractive, stick right through.

We’ve collated some common hair mistakes that make you look older and should be avoided at all costs!


#1 Going too blonde!

Going too blonde!

Going all blonde can be very, very risky, ladies. While some of us could perhaps pull off an all blonde look, most of us would fail miserably. Over bleached and blonde hair adds a lot of years to your look, making you look much older. Instead of going all blonde, try keeping your roots dark, with golden strands beyond. Compare both the looks and you’ll realize what we mean right away!


#2 Extremely Straight Hair!

Extremely Straight Hair!

If you have super straight hair, chances are that you’ll look about 5 to 6 years older than your age. Flatter hair, especially without any bounce at all, exaggerates the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, making your face look aged and plain. Instead of keeping them extremely straight, add some curls or a bit of bounce to your hair for it to look much livelier, and you, much younger.


#3 Centre Parting!

Centre Parting!

We do agree that if you have a really well-defined face, centre-parted hair can look fabulous on you! But with that, centre parting also adds years to your look, making you appear much more matured than you’d prefer. How you part your hair can apparently be quite the deciding factor as well! Instead of parting your hair at the centre, a partition at the sides adds a fun quotient to your hairdo while advertising your best features and making you look younger and livelier!


#4 Tight & Sleek Buns!

Tight & Sleek Buns!

An updo hairstyle has the potential to always look oh-so-sexy. But how you make an updo plays an extremely important part in defining your look. While hair that's been loosely pulled back can look pretty appealing, tightly pulled sleek buns have a tendency to put your wrinkles or any other facial imperfections under the spotlight. It certainly adds more than a few years to your look and makes your face seem like you’re much too tensed. We’d recommend that you go for a looser, messier updo instead!