Summer Buns For Every Hair Length

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurMar 15, 2019
Summer buns for every hair length

Summer aka the season of updos and top knots is officially upon us, which means that all you girls, despite of what your hair lengths are, will want to wear your hair up. But, if you think your hair is too short to wear in a bun, you couldn't be more wrong! Scroll down to read about the various bun hairstyles you can try this summer, no matter how long or short your hair is.


Mid-length hair


If you’re a girl with mid to long-ish hair length, we know that buns are your best friend—not just in the summers, but every time you want to keep your tresses out of your face. And if that is the case, opting of a basic twisted mid bun is the most feasible option. It’s quick, easy and completely fuss-free.


Waist-length hair


If you’re a real-life Rapunzel, (congrats on maintaining that long hair length, btw) twisted buns are something that will just weigh all of your hair down. You can instead opt for a top knot and have some fun with it if you have the time, of course. We love this criss-cross top knot that’s a perfect summer hairstyle for really long hair.


Long bobs


Okay, you went and chopped your hair into a gorgeous long bob for the summer, but yet, we all know that your urge to wear your hair up isn’t really going to disappear. It’s impractical to keep your long bob styled all the time, isn’t it? In that case, a short, tousled low summer bun hairstyle like this is something that you should opt for. Add some texture to it and you will have a ‘just-outta-bed’ look.


Textured, short hair


If your hair has a lot of natural texture and layers, a neat bun isn’t something that’ll work in your best favour. Instead, embrace the texture by choosing an easy, messy bun that’s far from neat or sleek, but looks gorgeous as ever!




Your summer bob can use a cutesy bun hairstyle too—this half-up bun is all sorts of adorable and will keep your hair breathable. Alternatively, you can opt for messy space buns as well!

These summer bun hairstyles will be the ultimate life saviours because nothing is more annoying than having hair resting on your neck in this scorching heat, take our word for that!

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