Bobby pin is probably one of the oldest hair accessories to exist; we have all grown up using it to keep our hair away from our face or to tuck those fringes before heading to school. That’s why we feel bobby pins deserve a lot more attention for all the hard work they’ve been doing all these years.

And guess what? It’s finally got its spot in the limelight. Hairstylists all over the world have stopped hiding and tucking bobby pins inside the hair. Instead, they’ve been using this humble hair accessory to create stunning hairstyles. Don’t believe us? We come with proof. Scroll below for all the hair-spiration you need to rock bobby pins with aplomb.


Stacked on one side

Stacked on one side - Bobby pins hairstyle

Those with lobs and bobs always complain about not being able to style their hair differently. *Ta-da* enter bobby pins. Grab bobby pins in fun colours and stack them on one side — this is probably the easiest way to take your look a notch higher.


Stacked at the back

Stacked at the back - Bobby pins hairstyle

If you have medium or long hair length, this hairstyle will keep those tresses in place without compromising on the style factor. Cross two sections of hair at the back and secure with a bunch of bobby pins. Easy-peasy!



Topknot - Bobby pins hairstyle

Love those top knot hairstyles? Utilise the area behind the back of your head to wear something stylish and unique such as this snake pins. Regular bobby pins in pretty colours will look just as fab.


Half up half down

Half up half down - Bobby pins hairstyle

Get a little creative with your half up half down hairstyles by stacking the bobby pins in a different way. Use this V method or anything else that comes to mind.



Hashtag - Bobby pins hairstyle

Are you a social media junkie? Show your love for SM by flaunting a # (hash) in your hair. All you need is 4 bobby pins and no skills at all! Place it on one side, at the back or under the top knot — the options are endless!