Is Blow Drying Your Hair A Bad Idea?

Written by Sanjana GuptaAug 03, 2018
We women constantly struggle to maintain our hair, regardless of its length.  We take great pains to avoid dry and frizzy hair and do everything we can to  attain smooth and luscious tresses. Whether it is spending hours at the salon, blowing up our cash to get that perfect hair treatment or trying home remedies; the struggle is real.

We all would love to wake up like the actresses in classic Hollywood films, with our mane already done, so we can get along with our day. But alas! That’s not our reality. Most of us lie on the other end of the spectrum. Everyday seems like bad hair day thanks to our hectic, stressful lifestyles, pollution and long working hours.

We live fast paced lives, where faster equates better! So, it is easier for us to blow dry rather than pat-dry our hair. But, have you ever considered the long term consequences of blow drying your hair? Well, it doesn’t look very good.

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Careful with that dryer

Ideal way to go about it

It isn’t a secret that excess heat is harmful for your hair. Blow drying causes ‘flash drying’ which sucks out the moisture from your hair. This affects your hair cuticles, making it shrivelled, dry and breakable. When your hair kinks, the pressure might lead the cuticles to crack which in turn leads to brittle, damaged hair.


Hair dryers are a big no no for dry hair

Ideal way to go about it

If you have dry hair, blow dryer is definitely bad news for you! Exposing vulnerable hair to direct heat, is a recipe for an absolute disaster.

It can worsen hair damage by drying your hair further and ruining its texture. And it might take a slew of lengthy and expensive procedures for you to recover your hair from all that damage.

So, if you plan to blow dry your hair for the long run, you can say goodbye to healthy and glowing hair!

So, is getting rid of the blow dryer the ultimate solution?

That would be the ideal solution! But, it doesn’t seem quite practical, since the dryers do come to your rescue when you are running late. And, giving up—sounds a tad bit extreme. So, it would be advisable to minimize the extent of its use.


Ideal way to go about it

Ideal way to go about it

You can let your hair air-dry and then later, use the dryer on low heat setting to minimize the damage. You can also minimise hair damage by keeping the dryer at a safe distance of 6 inches from your hair and moving it around continuously.

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