Whether you are using an artificial dye or a natural one (vegetable, fruit or plant-based), your scalp can suffer some level of damage from it. While artificial hair dyes, which can have additives like coal tar, formaldehyde, fragrance, parabens, ammonia, can easily affect the health of your scalp. On the other hand, natural hair dyes can overly sensitise your scalp since botanical ingredients are not properly regulated and can be overwhelming for some.

But worry not, we’ve got some super tips on how to avoid damaging your scalp while dyeing your hair at home. Scroll down to find out what they are.


01. Always do a patch test before application

Always do a patch test before application

Certain ingredients like Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) found in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes can cause allergic reactions on the scalp. Make sure to always do a patch test a couple of days before applying the dye to your hair. Do this every time you colour your hair, as your mane can behave differently depending on the season and lifestyle.


02. Massage with oil to alleviate dryness

Massage with oil to alleviate dryness

If your scalp is feeling extra dry, make sure to squeeze in a quick hot-oil treatment before dyeing your hair. Coconut, jojoba or argan oil are great at nourishing your scalp and fortifying it against chemical damage. Make sure to wash with a gentle shampoo to avoid over-stripping your scalp of essential moisture.

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03. Use a scalp protector

Use a scalp protector

Oil-based scalp creams applied on the hairline and along the exposed in-between portions are a good investment to make. They can be used while dyeing with permanent pigments and root touch-ups, especially if you lighten them with bleach. They form a barrier on your scalp and help avoid the stinging feeling.


04. Wash with a sulphate-free formula

Wash with a sulphate-free formula

While washing out your hair dye, first run it under plain cold water until it runs clear. Proceed to wash and condition with a damage-reversing and sulphate-free formula. Your hair already had many chemicals sitting on it for 30-45 minutes, don’t subject it to overtly drying sulphates as well!

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05. Avoid heat styling for a while

Avoid heat styling for a while

Avoid heat styling for a while, especially after you wash your hair after a big colour change. The heat from straighteners and blow dryers can irritate your already dry and sensitive scalp, so it is best to air-dry your hair for a couple of weeks post dyeing it.