When it comes to luxe hair colours, mahogany is right up there with golden blondes or glossy reds. While the name comes from pricey furniture that you find in posh old houses, the hair colour is so much more than that. It is actually a combination of red and brown, in just the right way. It is a subtle way to try a red colour and adds a deeper tint to brown hues. The right mahogany hair colour can be customised to your skin’s undertone, the level of maintenance you are looking for and also flatter your base colour in the best way. But the fact that it is so easy to get or style doesn’t make it any less desirable - mahogany is a rich tint that can transform your hair. It can add a lovely depth and new dimensions to your base colour, yet keep it looking natural and sun kissed. Plus, it is back in vogue; so here are some fabulous ways to wear the trend for your next hair makeover.


1. Warm global mahogany

Warm global mahogany

Image courtesy: @davinescolor

Global colours are hair dyes that cover your mane from root to tip. So if you're looking for a deep and rich colour to cover all of your hair, this warm mahogany shade will be a good pick for it. We love how there are some lighter, tawny accents added to the colour to make it look way more vibrant than it would have looked originally.


2. Rich mahogany balayage

Rich mahogany balayage

Image courtesy: @oh.lala.hair

Balayage is a hair colouring technique where the dye is ‘painted’ on your hair with a freehand, strategically placing them at the spots where your hair might catch some sun. The idea is to give your hair a natural finish, and mahogany balayages like this one look oh-so-sweet and incredibly charming, especially on long, wavy hair cascading down your body.


3. Face framing mahogany

Face framing mahogany

Image courtesy: @megan.e.grimm

Having some gorgeous colour frame your face can instantly warm up your complexion and liven it up. Paint the front section of your hair with a lighter shade of mahogany to make it pop against the rest of your mane. Keeping sectioned bits in the front light is a trend we have been seeing quite often with bleach blonde shades, but this mahogany version looks equally stunning as well.


4. Copper mahogany

Copper mahogany

Image courtesy: @pierrickberinger

A shade of mahogany that leans darker and to the redder side is bold copper. We love how the copper tones have been perfectly blended into the whole mane, leaving the roots, and some places in the body, darker. This technique is commonly known as ‘shadow roots’ and is used to avoid overprocessing your hair follicles near the roots too much. So if you are looking for a lot of colour fill with significantly lesser damage to the roots, this will be the style to pick.


5. Gold mahogany

Gold mahogany

Image courtesy: @karanhair.05

If you have always had naturally dark hair and want to brighten things up, this is the perfect combination to opt for. Slivers of golden blonde and mahogany intermingled in a kind of lovely colour play is a great way to go much lighter than your base colour, while maintaining its integrity at the same time.


6. Chestnut mahogany foilayage

Chestnut mahogany foilayage

Image courtesy: @un.rooted

Combining the freehand and soft look of balayage with the sped-up process of foil highlights, foilayage is an innovative way to make your hair colour stand out. We love how the colour makes fine hair look so full and vibrant, the toffee mahogany shade perfectly complementing the hazel eyes and honey skin tone.


7. Bright mahogany

Bright mahogany

Image courtesy: @hairbydaisy17

Not all mahogany shades have to be rich and deep, some can actually play up the high-shine in your hair. This brightly tinted hue is perfect for someone looking to experiment with a quirky colour, yet keep it looking classy. Even though this particular dye job is a global coverage, the shade will look good as subtle highlights as well.


8. Plum ombré

Plum ombré

Image courtesy: @lizziewhite_vivosalon

Girls with naturally black hair, or close to it, will know this to be true - not all colours take to dark locks easily. But this deep plum mahogany is an exception, painted in an ombré gradient for a fun, yet chic, dye job that is so easy to maintain. The plum shade can be customised to be a bit lighter as well, giving your hair a berry-kissed charm that looks totally adorable.


9. Dark mahogany

Dark mahogany

Image credit: @beautybyborke

If you are struggling with committing to a statement colour change, there are ways to keep things minimal as well. This barely-there dark mahogany balayage can be a good option to add just a hint of colour all-over, without having to go too light or bright. It is bold enough to add some dimension to your hair, but is so subtle in its blending with the naturally dark base. 



10. Brunette mahogany

Brunette mahogany

Image courtesy: @hairbyelizabethh_

While we love a lustrous red moment, we do hold a soft spot for the brown-heavy mahogany as well. Plus, this mahogany colour melt, which looks so good with the wintery outfit BTW, is perfect for natural brunettes who are looking for a low maintenance colour. We love how it looks so plush and hydrated, a nice colour can truly give new life to dull, lifeless hair - this dye job is proof!


11. Shiny soft mahogany

Shiny soft mahogany

Image courtesy: @matthewbennetthair

The reason why some prefer mahogany’s blend of reddish brown over something like a burgundy, is because of how soft mahogany can be. You can literally walk in with dull, brassy, dull hair and walk out with hair that looks (and probably) feels like a soft fluffy cloud.


12. Chocolate accented mahogany

Chocolate accented mahogany

Image courtesy: @mariadangelohair

A list about mahogany hair colours will be incomplete without mentioning chocolate hues in it at least once! So if you're looking for Fall/Summer hair colour inspiration, this chocolate-mahogany blend should be pinned on your Pinterest board RN.


13. Flaming mahogany

Flaming mahogany

Image courtesy: @aphroditehairmudgee

This bright mahogany is as statement as you can go with this colour. Created by combining the technique of root stretching and faux foils, this balayage technique will take more than a couple of minutes to get done. Full disclosure, this dramatic colour is definitely worth the wait!


FAQs about mahogany hair colour

FAQs about mahogany hair colour

Image courtesy: @ignacioantoniohairsalon

1) Is mahogany hair colour warm or cool?

A. Mahogany is a diverse hair colour that can be customised according to your needs. When the dye leans towards the brown side, the colour is warmer. Whereas if the colour leans towards the red or plum side, it has a cool undertone. A hairstylist with a good eye will be able to mix the right tint of mahogany for your skin undertone.

2) What is the difference between mahogany and burgundy hair colour?

A. Burgundy and mahogany are often used interchangeably in hair colours. They are also blended to create deeper reddish hues for darker hair. But the key difference between the two colours is that burgundy has a more purple/violet undertone, while mahogany is usually heavy on the red undertone.

3) Can mahogany hair colour cover greys?

A. Yes, hair colours like mahogany, light brown, caramel and even chocolate brown work wonders in covering grey hair. These shades are perfect for someone who is looking to cover up some greys without having to go too dark. Plus, they are more natural-looking and fade a lot more subtly when compared to darker colours.

4) What is the best way to maintain a mahogany hair colour?

A. To maintain your mahogany hair colour, switch to a colour safe and sulphate-free shampoo. Avoid showering with hot water and try to stay out of the sun to avoid brassiness. 

Main image courtesy: @celebhairstyles