2020’s hair colour trends can be divided into three segments:- a) Brown balayage before the pandemic b) Pastel hair colours during lockdown and c) Opting for low-maintenance hair colours post lockdown. While 2020 might have been ho-hum in the hair department (thanks to the lockdown), 2021 is surely making up for it by giving us major hair colour trends that are both — fun and chic.

Whether you want a new look or just a slight upgrade, we’ve rounded up five hair colours trends that will be huge in 2021. Get ready to book your next appointment!


01. Copper-brown blend

Copper-brown blend

Image courtesy: @lacyredway

Copper has been a trendy colour in makeup, with metallic copper eyeshadows being a major mood for the 2020 party season. Transferring to hair, the cooper-brown blend is perfect for girls who want to try reddish shades, but keep it super deep and understated. This hair colour will best complement fairer skin tones, and help warm them up a little!


02. Rouge balayage

Rouge balayage

Image courtesy: @la.tati

Blame it on Netflix’s The Queen’s Bandit for making this classic colour a bonafide trend for 2021. The show got a huge response from desis and so did the main character’s deep rouge tint, which is perfect for girls who want a redhead and fully commit to it.


03. Painted hazelnut

Painted hazelnut

Image courtesy: @lcbeautyy_

If you live in cities that are already seeing hot and bright sunny days again, this hair colour will be a good option to switch up from the winter season. It is light, crisp, subtle and oh-so-warm. It also happens to be a super low maintenance option for girls with naturally brown hair.


04. Two-tone hair

Two-tone hair

Image courtesy: @itsjennystyle

E-girl or berry-toned, the two-toned hair trend got massive in 2020. Havwever, the new year is witnessing a subtler version of the two-toned hair with sneaky streaks of ash grey or pastel lavender peeking out from your natural hair.


05. Blue chunky sections

Blue chunky sections

Image courtesy: @laurapolko

Chunky highlights from the 90s are making a swift comeback this year, but in a more strategic way. The pigmented chunks are being hidden away in a way that you will spot the colour only when wearing your hair up. Sounds fun, right?

Main image courtesy: @mira.kapoor