5 Stunning Hair Colours That Complement Light Eyes Like A Dream

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 stunning hair colours that complement light eyes like a dream

Not everyone is blessed with enchantingly distinctive eyes. If you are reading this, it means you are one of the lucky few who have a gorgeous, light eye colour (hallelujah) or you’re considering lenses. Hazel, green and grey look naturally beautiful but what makes them really pop is the right hair colour.

Just like a flattering eye makeup look enhances your eye colour, your hair colour can also make your eyes stand out. If you want some inspiration, we’ve got some right here. Here are some hair colour ideas for girls with light eyes. Take a look and bring them to your hairdresser to get the look.


01. Auburn


A perfect blend of fiery red-orange and brown, this delicious shade brings out light eyes beautifully. If you’ve got grey or green eyes and have a fair to medium skin tone, don’t think twice before getting this gorgeous hair colour.


02. Black


We didn’t know naturally black or dark brown could look this stunning on girls with hazel eyes. This hair colour would flatter light brown, golden and greenish brown eyes like a dream. Get an ombre hair colour with black blending into dark brown to get the same look.


03. Pastel pink


If browns and blondes aren’t your jam and you are looking for something more dramatic, bold and quirky, here’s one hair colour that checks all the boxes. A pale pink hair colour makes light eyes pop and will certainly fetch you some compliments.


04. Honey blonde highlights


If you have green eyes, pair them with the most coveted hair colour of all time. Whether you have dark or light hair, get some honey blonde highlights to complement your light eye colour. It really makes them pop and suits every skin tone and hair type.


05. Burgundy


Got blue eyes? Or greenish blue, maybe? Well, then a stunning burgundy is the best bet for you. The warm red streaks in your hair contrasts with the cool blue and make for a winning duo. Get a deep burgundy or dark red highlights for a glamorous look.

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