Do you ever wonder what makes our beautiful locks so luscious? Hair is composed of a strong protein known as Keratin, which is similar to the protein found in our skin, fingernails, and toenails. This is the same protein that is found in the beaks, claws, hooves, horns and feathers of animals and birds. Our diet provides amino acid molecules which form hair keratin. However, our hair loses this keratin due to several factors such as poor nutrition, lifestyle, pollution, etc. which makes it appear dry, dull, and frizzy, leading to hair breakage.  

To give your hair back its health, primarily keratin, you can consider undergoing a keratin hair treatment.  If you’re wondering how hair looks after keratin treatment, well, your hair after keratin treatment becomes extremely smooth, shiny, healthy, manageable, and frizz-free.  

You can benefit greatly from Keratin, both in terms of your hair's look and feel. These treatments have so many benefits, but before we talk about them let’s learn more about the treatment.  

Facts About Keratin Treatment   

hair after keratin treatment woman long brown shiny hair

The shine in our hair comes from keratin, a naturally occurring protein in the hair. Your hair may become damaged, dull, and dry due to constant exposure to sunlight, chemicals, pollution, etc. The hair breakage after keratin treatment reduces, hair fall after keratin treatment reduces too and your hair looks healthier. 

What is Keratin Treatment?   

A keratin protein treatment is one of the treatments for restoring the keratin in your hair. A keratin treatment makes your hair silky, smooth, and shiny by adding artificial keratin. By artificially restoring lost protein to your hair, this treatment rebuilds your hair. In recent years, this keratin treatment has gained popularity amongst both men and women. 

How to Add Keratin to Your Hair?   

A curious fact is that keratin is unable to control frizz; that job is done by formaldehyde. This chemical locks keratin chains into straight lines, causing the hair to remain straight. Hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed after the product has been applied to the hair while taking care not to damage the scalp. 

Benefits of Keratin Treatment - The Basics  

hair after keratin treatment woman long shiny black hair

Eliminates frizz 

People whose hair is treated with keratin have smoother, more manageable hair. Hair strands are formed by cells that overlap, and keratin smooths these cells down. Hair looks full and glossy because the cuticle, a layer of cells, absorbs keratin. Additionally, keratin straightens curly hair, makes it less frizzy, and makes it easier to style. 

Strengthens your hair 

If you have enough Keratin in your hair, your hair is strong, elastic, and resistant to extreme temperatures. Using heat regularly can damage the bond between keratin structures, resulting in breakage. That's why it's so important to maintain a healthy diet and use Keratin on your hair as well.  

Prevents and repairs hair damage 

 If your hair has been damaged by chemical treatments or product buildup, keratin adds an extra layer of protection and conditioning. Furthermore, keratin replenishes the hair when it is prone to go dry during certain seasons and conditions. By giving your hair an extra boost of moisture, you can prevent split ends and breakage. Hair growth is also one of the many benefits of keratin treatment. 

Helps seal in colour 

Keratin treatments can be applied to chemically or naturally treated hair. Consider getting a colour done before treating your hair with keratin if you're thinking about getting a colour done. It is because, once keratin is applied to your hair, it seals in the colour you had previously applied. Additionally, the treatment contains keratin that prevents fading of the hair colour. Add it to your list of benefits! 

hair after keratin treatment woman long brown shiny hair tresemme shampoo

It is also important that you pay attention to hair care after keratin treatment since good hair care will lead to long-lasting results. If you are wondering how to wash hair after keratin treatment, finding products that will help retain the keratin in your hair is important. Using the best shampoo for hair after keratin treatment will do the trick. And for this, the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo does the job. 

It makes your hair visibly straight and smoother since it is infused with light-weight Argan Oil that conditions your hair making them silky smooth and easier to manage. With its dual action, the shampoo helps you get up to 100% smoother hair with more shine.  

Also, don’t forget to get a hair spa after keratin treatment. This will ensure that your hair stays healthy and happy. 

FAQs about Benefits of Keratin Treatment  

Can I tie my hair after keratin treatment? 

During the first few days following your treatment, make sure your hair is straight and down. A ponytail, bun, or braid can leave dents in the hair because keratin is malleable at first. You can tie your hair with soft hair ties after about three days. If you are wondering how to tie hair after keratin treatment use silk scrunchies that are gentler on your hair and will not lead to hair breakage. 

Can I oil my hair after keratin treatment? 

The process of oiling hair after keratin treatment should begin after 7 days. You can use a serum on your hair to seal in moisture and shine, but start oiling your hair only after 7 days. 

Can I comb my hair after keratin treatment? 

For the first 3 days, do not touch your hair except to fix creases or frizz. You can continue brushing your hair after 3 days.