There is nothing better than a stylish dye job to give you an instant hair makeover! A hair colour treatment, when done by a professional adds vibrancy and life to dull, tired hair. A flattering hair colour gives dimension to your hair, adds shine and gloss to faded pigment and looks trendy. In 2020, hair trends have gotten ever more experimental and quirky, which fares well for beauty enthusiasts who like to try something new every time. Fashionable hair colours for girls are exciting, innovative and cool, everything you can hope for a new hair colour to be. We picked some of our personal faves which you can screenshot and take to your hairstylist for your next hair appointment.


1. Two toned hair

Two toned hair colour

Image courtesy: @sophiehannah

For girls who are always in two minds about what colour to pick for their dye job, this is the perfect trend! Two-toned hair colours come in many shapes and forms. You have the split down the middle style (as seen in the image) but can also opt for two-toned highlights or coloured tips with darker roots. This trend is usually done with bright colours but darker ones can be incorporated as well.


2. ‘Bronde’ hair

Bronde’ hair colour

Image courtesy: @pjthomsen

Often referred to as the ‘supermodel hair colour’, bronde is a mix of light and bright blonde shades and dark and pigmented brunette hues. This a pretty versatile colour as it can be customised to many different styles, adds warmth to your complexion and doesn't depend on seasonality to remain in vogue. also happens to be low maintenance, so first-timers looking for a statement, stunning colour can surely opt for this one!


3. Platinum blonde with shadow roots

Platinum blonde with shadow roots hair colour

Image courtesy: @camila_alive_ngy

Worried about a platinum blonde hair dye irritating your scalp? Opt for the shadow roots style! Created by leaving the hair near your roots dark and colouring the rest of the lengths in a lighter shade, is a pretty smart way to lighten your hair to such a shade as platinum blonde. They are named so because the technique creates an illusion of your roots casting a shadow on the rest of your hair.

Achieved by stretching the dye naturally from under your roots to the tips of your hair, shadow roots are appealing because your roots can be left untouched and eliminate the need for root touch-ups.


4. Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde hair colour

Image courtesy: @kaja.kurczewska

A mix of beach blonde and true red, strawberry blonde is a hair colour that is straight out of your favorite romantic chick flick! Undoubtedly the prettiest colour you will see on this list, this hair trend has been customised to peach blonde and powder pink blondes as well. It is noteworthy to mention that they are high maintenance and require touch-ups like toning or glossing to keep the vibrancy intact.


5. Bleached bits

Bleached bits hair colour

Image courtesy: @brittanyxavier

This face framing hair colour trend is also referred to as ‘Rogue blonde’, an homage to the popular X-men character. This hair trend also happens to be the one hair look you have been spotting all over your favourite fashion influencers’ Insta feeds - it is that cool right now! The trend is also a good way to get some face-framing highlights in your hair without having to dye the entirety of your mane.


6. Cherry red

Cherry red hair colour

Image courtesy: @claudiamercieca

A hair colour that is both classic and modern, cherry red is a delicious hue that will flatter desi girl complexions for days! They can be made even more attractive by being left dark near the roots and peppering it with lighter toned details strategically.


7. Coffee balayage

Coffee balayage hair colour

Image courtesy: @kromalsalon

Hair colouring techniques like balayage and ombré are a good way to add depth and dimension to long hair. Painted causally in coffee tones, this is the perfect hair colour for girls looking to enhance their naturally dark tones without having to lighten their mane one bit. A nicely done balayage is also beneficial because it doesn’t over process your hair with dyes and the result is a soft, silky and healthy mane that is devoid of damage and dryness.


8. Purple tips

Purple tips hair colour

Image courtesy:

Also referred to as dip-dyed hair, adding colour to just the tip of your hair can indeed be a trendy look for girls. Especially with a bright shade like purple, which, when matched with a darker colour can make all of your goth glam dreams come true. It is also easy to commit to and grow-out. If you don’t want the colour anymore, you can just trim the tips and be done with it!


9. Teal wave

Teal wave hair colour

Image courtesy: @justpeachyhair_

Yet another popular trend that is the direct result of an increased obsession with pastel hair, teal is a lovey blue-green colour that is instantly recognisable and not-so-subtle. Combining cool blue tones with warm, deep and rich greens, this colour can indeed offer the best of both worlds for lovers of aqua-inspired hair trends.


10. Pastel mix

Pastel mix hair colour

Image courtesy: @taylowswift

You can either do an all-over pastel hair trend as seen above, or opt for the even cuter version of mixing a bunch of pastel highlights with your natural hair colour. Adding such adorable highlights in the hair can be a fun way to add depth to your hair, is less-damaging, covers up greys and keeps your hair looking modern and chic.

Pro tip: Be cautious while getting any kind of pastel colour in your hair, as they need significant bleaching and lifting of naturally dark hair to show up as intended. Which is why it is recommended to consult with your hairstylist if they can indeed lift your hair safely and also enquire about post-colour care instructions to maintain the tricky hues.


11. Brunette upgrade

Brunette upgrade hair colour

Sometimes, a hair coloring job can be just about keeping the integrity of your natural hair colour intact and just adding some glossy details to upgrade it. For girls with darker hair, this auburn brunette colour is perfect for experimenting, without losing any of the rich pigment in their natural hair.


12. Toffee highlights

Toffee highlights hair colour

Image courtesy: @stephaniebcolor

Toffee highlights add a beautiful sun-kissed look to your hair. This natural-looking, subtle, fresh hue has a simple appeal… it looks lived-in and does not need regular touch-ups. This is perfect if you have fine hair and do not want to overprocess your hair. The dye job is dark at the roots and cascades into a balayage of yummy toffee highlights to the rest of the hair. It is a lovely colour job, grows out naturally and adds understated depth to fine hair.


13. Dark global dye job

Dark global dye job hair colour

Image courtesy: @vanessahudgens

If you are gifted with a naturally dark and even-toned mane, we envy you so! Dark global shades like deep browns and striking blacks are such a mood among lovers of minimal hair right now. Also going global with the colour - a colouring technique where your hair is coloured with the same colour from root to tip, can give you a uniform base for further colouring and is the best way to cover up greys.


FAQs about hair colouring

FAQs about hair colouring

1) Is hair coloring safe?

A. Yes, when done by a professional at a salon, hair colouring is a pretty safe procedure. However, coloring or tinting of eyelashes or eyebrows should be done by a licensed aesthetician, as that has risks like swelling and irritation involved with the procedure.

2) Can I colour my hair naturally at home?

A. Yes, there are options of colouring your hair naturally at home. This usually involves the use of henna and/or indigo powder. For even crazier colours, vegetable dyes can be used to achieve the desired results; however they don’t last as long or look as vibrant as salon shades.

3) Which hair colour makes you look younger?

A. To achieve an anti-ageing effect with your colour, the best option is to lighten your natural hair colour with at least one or two tones. Darker colours can harden your features so something lighter can help soften out the sharp lines or visible wrinkles.

Main image courtesy: @thatbohogirl, @caughtinacuff