Rose gold hair colour has had a monumental rise among beauty enthusiasts in the past couple of years. Ushered in with pastel hair colours, rose gold has managed to stay trendy for long, leaving behind other popular quirky colours like neon yellows or electric blues. This is because rose gold is a statement, offbeat colour that looks fabulous straight out of the salon chair and looks great as it fades as well. It is easily customisable and can be tailored to suit any level of lifted base hair. But nothing bodes well for rose gold more than its desirability among celebrities, anybody who's anyone seems to be rocking the shade.

We are pretty sure you have already spotted the trend on your Insta feed as well. And if the pictures of the glossy goodness of this fusion of golden blonde and pink have inspired you to try it out, here are some celebrities who got it right. Check out the list and take your pick for your next hair makeover.


1. Hailey Bieber in classic rose gold

Hailey Bieber in classic rose gold

Image courtesy: @haileybieber

Hair colour that looks like it belongs on a diamond necklace, this classic rose shade on Mrs. Bieber is all kinds of stunning. The dye job is aimed at leaving her roots dark and casting a shadow on the rest of the colour. We love the streaks of blonde peeking through her mane as well, the colour is drop-dead gorgeous!


2. Rosé’s barely there rose gold

Rosé’s barely there rose gold

Image courtesy: @roses_are_rosie

This BLACKPINK member is known for her experimentation with pastel colours, it seems like this girl changes hair colour every week! Her latest is a soft, barely-there rose gold tint that looks totally adorable with her warm skin tone. Her dreamy hue starts a couple of inches farther from the roots and goes all the way to the tips, giving us global colour goals for days!


3. Emily Ratajkowski’s best wig moment

Emily Ratajkowski’s best wig moment

Image courtesy: @chloe

Since celebs have to go through multiple hair changes in a short span of time, many rely on crazy wigs to add some drama to their look. Emily Ratajkowski’s glam goddess wig, paired with glittery eyeshadow, is a gorgeous wig moment that you can adopt, without ever having to sit in the salon chair for hours!


4. Katy Perry’s rose gold

Katy Perry’s rose gold

Image courtesy: @deborahpraha 

What can also be termed as reverse ombré, Katy’s rose gold roots fading into a kind of peachy sorbet in the middle and proper blonde in the ends is just genius. Perfect for short bobs and other snipped hair lengths, your hairstylist can easily create this fun and flirty look for you.


5. Kylie Jenner’s faded rosy length

Kylie Jenner’s faded rosy length

Image courtesy: @catherine

Kylie jenner is often stepping out in quirky colours that are done to perfection on her mane. But after she is done posting an Insta shot of her new colour, she lets her hair hang loose, making her originally apricot rose gold tresses fade into a subtler, faded hue. We love that her hair looks like sunset skies and would love to sport the shade any day.


6. Hilary Duff’s 90’s streaks

Hilary Duff’s 90’s streaks

Image courtesy: @dpmakeup

Leave it to a 90s icon to bring back a popular 90s trend with a touch of rose gold; with a blonde ombré peeking through, this pink explosion is so flirty and bright! Keeping the roots darker and carefully placing the streaks on just the outside layers, Hilary’s rose gold dye job is only elevated by the shorter length and textured cut.


7. Gigi Hadid’s fruity rose gold

Gigi Hadid’s fruity rose gold

Image courtesy: @jessicawang

Yet another wig on the list, Gigi Hadid switched up her statement beachy blonde with this fruity and summery rose gold wig. We spy at least three different shades of pinks in those layers, giving you a taste of what pink-on-pink-on-pink looks like on your mane. Also, that matching lip is to die for!


8. Maisie Williams’ hot pink lemonade

Maisie Williams’ hot pink lemonade

Image courtesy: @alex

It’s glossy, it’s fun and it’s something only a fashion braveheart like Maisie will try; this intense rose gold shade was her go-to while doing many rounds of fashion weeks in 2019. The GOT star’s naturally dark and shiny hair takes to this shade perfectly, keeping it sleek and lustrous through and through.


9. Halsey’s pixie rose gold

Halsey’s pixie rose gold

Image courtesy: @sultan

Even though Halsey is sporting an edgy buzz cut right now, we haven’t forgotten her experiment with crazy colours. One of them was this heavy on the rose shade look, going deep into the buzzed roots on the sides, and lighter at the ends on top. Even rock stars are wearing this shade, we do not think it needs any more approval than that!


10. Emma Roberts’ dark rose gold

Emma Roberts’ dark rose gold

Image courtesy: @hairexmag

Emma Roberts (and her equally fashionable aunt Julia Roberts) are famous redheads. Which is why this strawberry blonde with hints of rose gold is the perfect dark-but-still-rosy shade for her complexion. So, if you want to try the trend but don’t want to go too light, this is a good way to go. Colour is also a good option for global dye jobs, giving your mane a silky and sheen-heavy finish.


11. Lucy Hale’s candy coated rose gold

Lucy Hale’s candy coated rose gold

Image courtesy: @lularoe

Lucy Hale got her rose gold balayage painted in a deeper hued version of the softer rose gold. Mixed with hints of bronzy rose golds and maintaining her natural brown roots, this cool-girl hair colouring job is so good. The colour looks lovely with her hazel eyes and transforms this pretty brunette into a crimson-topped stunner, such a head-turner!


FAQs about rose gold hair

FAQs about rose gold hair

Image courtesy: @paintitblonde

1) Is it difficult to maintain rose gold hair?

A. The maintenance level for rose gold hair is medium-to-high because the tint washes off fairly quickly. Permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent, the rose gold hue will fade pretty quickly, but in a very subtle and natural way. Following proper colour care procedures and spacing out your wash cycles will let your tresses hold on to the colour longer, for months even!

2) Does rose gold hair colour need bleaching of hair first?

A. Yes, your hair will need some kind of bleaching for the rose gold shade to show up. The level of lifting is decided on how dark/light your base colour is. For instance, light brown hair might require something up to a level 7 of lifting, whereas naturally golden blonde mane might not need any bleaching at all. For rich, dark Indian hair, bleaching is required to lighten as much as possible - the lighter the base colour, the softer will be the rosy shade!

3) What are some tips to maintain rose gold hair?

A. Since rose gold hair tends to fade faster than other hues, it is important to maintain it the right way. Here are some simple tips for the same:

  • Avoid heat as much as possible - this includes washing with hot water, avoiding heat tools and protecting your hair from the sun at all times.
  • Use sulphate-free and colour-safe shampoos; supplement your hair care regimen with hair masks to help repair damage caused by the bleaching process.
  • Switch to silk/satin pillowcases as cotton (and other) fabrics can cause too much friction on the hair, resulting in colour loss.
  • Include a pink shampoo and conditioner once a week in your routine to help tone the colour and add vibrancy to the shade.
  • Go in for touch-ups every 4-6 weeks to help maintain the colour.
  • Avoid the temptation to go in more often, as it can overprocess already damaged and bleached hair.

4) Can rose gold hair colour be paired with other hair colours?

A. Yes, rose gold hair colour is quite versatile when it comes to pairing with others. It can complement other pastel colours and add some lightness to darker pigments as well. it is also trendy to try two-toned hair colour with one often tints being rose gold. 

Main image courtesy: @maddiefoot, @gigi