Hair Glaze – The Ultimate Solution To Transform Your Hair Into Shiny, Luscious Locks

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Hair glaze – The ultimate solution to transform your hair into shiny, luscious locks

“I love my lifeless mane”, said no woman ever!

Flaunting luscious, shiny locks is a distant dream for most of us. From dirt and grime to pollution and sun damage, our hair goes through a lot on a regular basis. Well, the good news is that your quest to finding a solution for dry and dull tresses has ended. We’ve found the perfect treatment to help you transform your drab and dead locks to gorgeous, healthy mane.

We’re talking about Hair Glaze! Here’s everything you need to know about this hair treatment and how you can do it all by yourself at home…


What is Hair Glaze?

Benefits of the treatment

The main purpose of hair glaze is to add shine to your dry and dull mane. It is essentially a chemical treatment that contains water-soluble silicones which not only boosts shine but also enhances your current hair colour. Hair glaze comes in two forms – tinted and clear. Clear glaze adds shine to your mane, whereas, tinted complements the tone of your hair colour, thereby giving your hair a semi-permanent colour.


Benefits of the treatment

Benefits of the treatment

The benefits of a hair glaze treatment are more than you can imagine. The protective compounds in a hair glaze shields your hair against sunrays and pollution. That’s not all! This treatment also helps add moisture and elasticity to each strand of your hair, thereby making it stronger and healthier.

Hair glaze contains ceramides that penetrate the hair cuticles to seal the surface, which in turn makes your hair smooth, luscious and bouncy. This treatment is like a top coat of polish for your hair. It only coats your hair and does not enter the hair shafts, thus, it is short-lived and lasts for up to 2 weeks only.

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