I Tried This Herbal Product And It Turned My Frizzy Dried Hair Into Healthy Tresses...

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
I tried this herbal product and it turned my frizzy dried hair into healthy tresses...

Good hair days are a blessing in every girl’s life! However, such happy days are a rarity. Most women will agree that dealing with frizzy, dry, greasy or dull hair can be more painful than missing out on a sale!

While some days our hair is uncontrollably frizzy, it is annoyingly greasy on others. In such situations, trying out various hair care products and natural home remedies is always on our minds. Since the last few months I had been experiencing dry and frizzy ends and greasy scalp and needed a product that would treat both these concerns while leaving my hair hydrated and healthy. I read about the benefits of herbal shampoos somewhere and got my hands on the Lever Ayush Shikakai shampoo and the results have been simply phenomenal!

Read on to know about my first impression of this herbal shampoo...

I tried this herbal product

It is like any other regular shampoo, but with natural ingredients

The best part about using a herbal shampoo is knowing that it is infused with natural ingredients that will only improve the health of your mane. The Lever Ayush Thick & Long Growth Shikakai Shampoo contains Bhringamalakadi Tailam, a potent Ayurvedic oil which has Amla and Bhringaraj which is known to strengthen and nourish your hair from the roots. While on one hand Amla stimulates hair growth, treats dandruff and strengthens the scalp, Bhringaraj on the other, reduces hair fall, prevents premature greying and adds shine to your hair. The mixture of Amla and Bhringaraj is what makes Shikakai shampoo one of the best remedies to treat most of your hair concerns.

It magically treated my dried, frizzy ends and greasy scalp

Oiling before shampooing is the key to healthy hair. I usually massage my scalp with either coconut oil or olive oil, let the oil work its magic overnight and wash my hair the next morning. This is exactly what I did before washing my hair with the Lever Ayush Shikakai shampoo too. After washing and air-drying, I felt my tresses to have more life as well as movement. Even two days after washing, my scalp did not feel greasy or itchy.

The surprising element is that this shampoo works as an excellent cleanser too

Apart from treating my major hair problems, what this miracle shampoo also did was cleanse my scalp thoroughly. I was extremely happy to see how perfectly it cleansed my hair without leaving any dirt particles behind. Shikakai being a natural cleanser, it helps promote hair growth and leaves you with stronger, softer strands.

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