5 Hair Colours That Look Bomb On Deep Skin Tones

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 hair colours that look bomb on deep skin tones

When it comes to hair colours we all play it safe after all it is our hair we are talking about. But if you’re always going to opt for the same old colour you’ve been sporting all these years, it will start to look boring. A little experiment and a lot of inspiration are important to look chic and stay on top of your style game. We have got some hair colours that will look bomb on every deep skin toned beauty.




Over the years, Rihanna has given us some major hair colour inspiration. We particularly loved how she rocked this stunning red colour with so much ease. What makes you think you can’t?


Brown balayage


All shades of brown are safe for deep skin tones. If you’re too reluctant to get experimental or this is you first time, we recommend going for a brown balayage just like Jennifer Lopez. Plus this hair colour is always in trend, need we give you more reasons?




Okay we agree this is a little too experimental and not everyone can be as bold as Kim Kardashian. But 2019 is all about embracing your grey hair, you can join the bandwagon by colouring your hair a stunning silver.


Blonde with a hint of orange


Who run the world? Coloured curls! We have fallen head over heels in love with Tesse Thompson’s blonde hair with an orange and burgundy tint. Who knew blonde hair and deep skin tone was a match made in heaven?




You want to play it safe but browns are too boring, we get it. How about colouring your hair a stunning and shiny burgundy? We’re all in favour of it, are you?

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