Colouring Your Hair At Home? Keep These Tips In Mind!

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Colouring your hair at home? Keep these tips in mind!

We are well into the second month of the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the dreaded pandemic. What that also means is that all our trips to the beauty salon have come to a standstill and those roots are starting to show. Even though darker roots seem to be a spring hair trend, we totally understand if that’s not really your jam, and you’d like to have your hair coloured pronto!

Well, we have come with just the right kind of solution to this problem – hair colouring at home. Now before you get intimidated by this task, please hear us out. If you follow instructions and are careful, this is quite an easy task and can be successfully accomplished from the comfort of your home. Yes, really!

All you need is a packet of boxed hair colour, a hair colouring brush, some Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and you’re good to go! But before you start, it would be wise to warn you that colouring your hair is one task that is best left to the professionals, and if you can wait until you see your stylist, then that’s the best! This is because fixing hair colour mistakes (if you make any while colouring your hair at home) is not just time consuming, but also ends up damaging your hair quite a bit.

But if you just cannot wait until the salons open, well, here’s a detailed guide to help you apply hair colour at home and everything you need to keep in mind!


Choose the shade carefully

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

When applying hair color at home, it is best to choose a colour that is either one shade lighter or one shade darker than your natural hair colour. Find a boxed dye that closely matches your hair colour and pick either one shade lighter or darker, depending on what result you’re looking at.


Always purchase two boxes of colour

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

If you are someone who has shoulder length or longer hair, then just one box of dye may not be enough. And because you don’t want to run out of colour in the middle of colouring your hair, it is best to keep an extra box of colour handy, just in case.


Always do a little strand test

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

As tempted as you may be, we urge you to not skip this crucial step, especially if you’re using a new shade or are an absolute newbie. Apply a little bit of colour to a thin section of hair that isn’t quite visible and see if you like the results. If you do, then you can colour globally, and if you don’t like how the colour looks on your hair, there is still time to change it!


Prep well

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

Now girls, remember that applying hair colour at home can be a messy process, and therefore, it is best to do a little prep beforehand. Before getting on with the colouring, ensure that you are wearing an old button-down shirt or robe, so that you don’t have to struggle while taking it off over your head. Additionally, cover the entire area around with layers of newspapers or garbage bags to avoid the colour from leaving behind a stain on any surface.


Prevent your skin from getting stained

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

One of the worst things about colouring your hair at home is getting a stain on your forehead, ears or around the neckline. To avoid this, apply a thick layer of Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly on your forehead, along your hairline and around your ears. Also, keep makeup remover wipes handy to immediately clean any splatters that may happen while applying the dye, before they have a chance to stain your skin.


Read the instructions carefully before you begin

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

We can’t stress enough on this point! Before you begin applying the colour, ensure that you’ve laid out all the tools that you will be needing during the process to avoid any last minute running around. Next, read all the instructions very carefully to prevent any mishaps.


Start at the top

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

When colouring your hair, always begin by colouring your roots, because they require maximum coverage as well as longer time for the colour to process. Next, ensure that you use a comb and brush it through your hair to distribute the colour evenly and avoid a two-tone stringy effect.


You will need more than one mirror

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

This is because colouring the back of your head, while looking at the mirror in front of you could prove to be extremely difficult. It is a good practice to use a handheld mirror to look at the back of your head for an even coverage.


Shower cap is a must

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

After you’ve applied the dye, cover it up using an old or disposable shower cap. This will prevent the dye from dripping and creating a mess while you are waiting for the colour to develop.


Wash it off as usual

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

After you’ve left the hair dye on for the stipulated time, wash it off as usual using a suitable shampoo and conditioner. After this, it is important to protect the colour and prevent it from fading quickly. So wash your hair less often, use more dry shampoo, always use colour-protecting hair products.


FAQs about Colour Your Hair At Home:

Frequently asked questions on hair colouring at home

Q. Is store-bought hair dye bad for my hair?

A. Store-bought hair dye is not exactly bad for your hair. But applying hair colour is a complicated process, and therefore it is best to leave it to a professional. Since you cannot really mix colours when colouring your hair at home, the resulting hair colour tends to lack depth and dimension.

Q. Do salon hair colours last longer than boxed dyes?

A. Yes, hair colour applied by a professional generally lasts longer than the one applied at home. This is because hair colour is mostly about the application, and a professional usually applies colour only to the roots, allows it to process and then refreshes it again. This ensures that the colour lasts way longer.

Q. Is it better to colour unwashed hair?

A. Yes, it is. This is because unwashed hair has a lot of natural oils that hold the colour better. Freshly washed hair is usually too slippery and does not do a good job at retaining colour. Besides, if you apply hair dye on freshly washed hair, you could run the risk of feeling some sensitivity on your scalp because of the lack of natural oils to provide a protective layer.

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