How To Fix Common Hair Colour Disasters

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
How to fix common hair colour disasters

Everything looks better in colour… even your hair!

Let’s admit it. Colouring your hair a completely different hue is a next-level confidence-booster. It not just adds drama to your beauty game but also makes you stand out. The best way to upgrade your hair game is to change its colour. PERIOD!

While it takes months of procrastination before going in with a hair colour switch, do you know what’s worse? Being disappointed with the end result. Your hair colour can sometimes tend to go wrong *ouch*. But, fret not! There’s a fix for every problem.

Here are common hair colour disasters and how to fix them.


#01: Your hair colour looks superficial

#04: Your hair colour is fading

While colouring your hair is a good change from the regular, boring mane, it is important that the end result is worth spending all the time and money. Well, if your hair colour lacks depth and looks extremely flat, then a quick and easy way to fix this disaster is to firstly, not wear your hair down in a sleek style and secondly, reach for your curling iron to add more dimension to your tresses.


#02: Your hair colour looks too vibrant

#04: Your hair colour is fading

Wait… you wanted to be a redhead, but things took a different turn altogether? If your red hair looks too bright to flaunt, then here’s a quick fix. All you need to do is reach for a brown hair colour dye. Apply this shade of brown onto the areas that look extremely vibrant. Leave the colour on for some time before rinsing it off. You’ll notice that your hair colour looks darker than before.


#03: Your global hair colour looks uneven

#04: Your hair colour is fading

Intended to go for global hair colour but it turned out to be patchy and uneven? Don’t worry! All you need to do is master some sneaky styling options. But, do not go for another hair dye session. We repeat, DO NOT! If your hair colour doesn’t look even, then opt for braid-styling. French and Dutch braids can actually hide the uneven colour, and help disguise the mess.


#04: Your hair colour is fading

#04: Your hair colour is fading

Whether you pick the safest option or go all out with a quirky hair colour, remember that every colour is going to fade sooner or later, depending on the treatment. However, relying on colour-protecting products may not be the healthiest option for your tresses. Therefore, once the faded colour starts bothering you, it’s time to go for another dye session or allow your hair to go back to its natural colour.

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