Ever wondered how celebrities manage to flaunt a lob at one event and mermaid hair the very next day? Let’s fill you in on a red-carpet secret! It is all thanks to… hair extensions! With hair extensions becoming popular on the red carpet and runway, many people have been turning to this option a lot more of late.

Did you know hair extensions are the best way to add length, volume and even a pop of colour to your hair. In fact, styling your hair with extensions can be a breeze one you learn the ropes. Whether you want a long, voluminous ponytail or a fuller braid or bun, hair extensions can do the trick for you! There are a number of methods to go for when it comes to hair extensions--sew-ins, clip-ins and glue-ins are the most common. But glue-in extensions are the celebrity-favourite!

The beauty of glue-in extensions is that once the installation is complete, it is difficult for people to tell if your hair has extensions or not. Glue-in extensions are versatile—they can be wavy, straight or curly, so you can pick what you want. And, they come in different lengths and colours too. If you’re someone who likes their hair to be low-maintenance, then glue-in extensions are for you. They last for a good four months!

The only down-side of glue-in extensions is the removal process. Removing glue-in extensions can be difficult and the leftover glue can make your hair sticky and disgusting. But here’s a hack that’ll help you remove glue-in extensions smoothly without any hassle.

how to remove hair extensions smoothly

The hack

An easily-available ingredient from your kitchen can be your saviour. We are talking about olive oil! Rubbing olive oil to remove the glue-in extensions from your hair will not only make the extensions slide out of your hair smoothly, but also eliminate glue residue afterward.

Take a cup of olive oil and massage it into the areas of your hair where the extensions or leftover glue are. Once your extensions are out, wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly to remove the oil. And that’s it!

Image courtesy: Instagram