5 Popular Ways To Rock The Bronze Hair Colour Trend

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 popular ways to rock the bronze hair colour trend

Planning to switch things up in the hair department without going too OTT? Then the bronze hair colour trend is just for you. This versatile hair colour looks flattering on every skin tone and is easier to maintain. Unlike lighter highlights like caramel or gold, bronze highlights grow out and blend fairly evenly, so you don't have to feel guilty about going 3-4 months without having to touch up the colour.

Plus, there are all these fun ways you can wear it with darker hair colour...


01. Bronzed copper

05. Face framing shade

Image courtesy: @lisa.berke.haley

The hairstyle version of the ‘lit’ emoji, combine tawny bronze undertones with reddish copper for hair that looks like it’s on fire! Make sure to focus the highlights from mid-lengths to the ends, getting denser as you go down.


02. Bronze balayage

05. Face framing shade

Image courtesy: @alkimista_


A low maintenance look that looks like a million bucks, add subtle bronze balayage to your natural hair for a soft-glam look.

Pro tip: The colour looks great with makeup looks that are heavy on gold and bronze pigments!


03. Global bronze

05. Face framing shade

Image courtesy: @guy_tang

Global hair colour is a bold move, but a silky bronze hue like this one will be worth the effort. It is so rich and statement, and we are sure it looks great with both, natural and indoor lighting at the club!


04. Just the tips

05. Face framing shade

Image courtesy: @cait.couture.hair


If you are not looking to opt for global colour or adding highlights to your hair, simply colouring the tips will do the trick.. The style warms up your natural hair colour without having to go through a full dye job.


05. Face framing shade

05. Face framing shade

Image courtesy: @hair_by_rachell

A bold colour that seamlessly grows out; get face-framing bronze highlights. This hand-painted balayage is yet another low maintenance look. Focusing on just the front will open up your face and add warmth to your complexion. Main images courtesy: @soubecas, @paris_mcelroy

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