Ever wondered what keratin for hair is and why everyone is going gaga about it? Well, from strengthening your hair to smoothening it, let’s get into its benefits and why you should try it next. 

If you have lived with frizz and flyaways all your life, chances are, you have done some research about keratin for hair that promises to give you smooth and shiny hair. Or, maybe, you have seen your BFF get a complete hair transformation after getting keratin hair treatment and now you want one too. However, before you take the plunge and sit on the salon chair for the hours-long procedure, let’s clear all your doubts and tell you everything you need to know about this hair-smoothening remedy. 

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Keratin for hair: the basics  

Keratin is a protein that is found in your nails, skin and hair. Keratin hair treatment involves steps to replenish the keratin in your hair. This is also the reason why it can be referred to as a 'protein treatment' or 'hair smoothening' as well. This temporary treatment makes your hair smoother and sleeker for three to twelve months, depending on the health of your hair and how well you take care of your hair post-treatment.  

Talking about the chemicals used in the procedure, a smoothening cream containing formaldehyde is applied to the hair with a brush. Your hair is then blow-dried and straightened with a flat iron to seal in the product. Unlike the permanent hair straightening treatment aka rebonding, this treatment uses keratin for hair which doesn’t break the hair bonds to restructure your hair but leaves your hair smooth, shiny and unbelievably soft. 

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Benefits of keratin for hair  

1. Eliminates frizz  

The reason you may be reading this is that you are fed up with your frizzy hair, right? Well, you can be assured that a keratin treatment is a sure-shot way to get rid of the frizz for good (or for a few months, at least). The multi-step procedure smoothens out hair cuticles to make your hair visibly sleek and manageable. 

2. Natural-looking straight hair 

If you are blessed with wavy or curly hair but want to try out a new look without damaging your tresses, you can trust keratin treatment to give you natural-looking straight hair that is voluminous and healthy. 

3. Shinier hair 

Dull and lifeless hair got you down? Keratin for hair can turn your tresses from drab to fab in just one day. As mentioned earlier, it restores hair protein which not only makes your hair look healthy but also lends shine to your dry and dull hair. With this treatment, you can finally bid goodbye to dry and lifeless locks and say hello to glossy hair. 

4. Soft hair 

Keratin hair treatment smoothens out your hair cuticles by putting the lost protein back, which improves its texture and feel. With the frizz gone and the hair cuticles smoothened, your mane looks and feels softer and bouncier than ever.       

5. Less maintenance 

Every day is a good hair day when your hair is manageable! Keratin hair treatment makes your hair smooth and straight and thus easy to style. You don’t have to spend hours blow-drying it or use umpteen hair products for it to set and behave. It will look effortlessly healthy and manageable because it really is, every day. 

Ways to use keratin for haircare  

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1. Shampoo 

It is also important that you pay attention to haircare after keratin treatment since this will lead to long-lasting results. If you are wondering how to wash hair after keratin treatment, you need the right products to retain the keratin in your hair. And for this, the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo does the job. It keeps your hair straight and smooth since it is infused with keratin for hair and lightweight argan oil which adds shine to it.  

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2. Conditioner 

If you feel like your conditioner isn’t doing its job, then you just might want to switch to a moisturising conditioner that not only keeps your hair soft but also fixes that dryness. Well, say hello to the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner. Like its shampoo counterpart, it uses argan oil and keratin to soften your hair and smoothen it which is why you can also use it after the effects of the treatment are long gone. It also uses micro moisture technology to protect your dry hair while calming the frizz right until your next hair wash. 

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3. Serum 

Did you know that keratin not only smoothens the hair but the frayed cuticles as well? Yep, this means no more frizz or split ends. You can also add life to dull hair by using a keratin serum. Just take a few drops of the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Serum and apply it to damp hair from the mid-lengths to the end. Along with keratin and argan oil, it also uses camellia oil to make your hair stronger and lock in moisture so that your hair stays soft and shiny. 

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Top keratin for hair facts   

1. Keratin doesn’t directly fix frizziness 

A curious fact is that keratin is unable to control frizz, that job is done by formaldehyde. This chemical locks keratin chains into straight lines, causing the hair to remain straight. Hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed after the product has been applied to the hair while taking care not to damage the scalp.  

2. Different types of treatments 

There are different types of keratin treatments such as the traditional Brazilian blowout, soft keratin and kerasilk, some of which use formaldehyde and some don’t. Stylists usually recommend a version to you depending on your hair type and requirement.   

3. A long process 

Just a heads up—it is going to take a really long time for the treatment to get done. As it includes multiple steps like washing, application of the product, then washing again, blow drying, and straightening, it will easily take two to three hours. You better take your BFF with you or download a few episodes of your favourite show, as you sit through it. Once the treatment is done, your hair will seem flat but don’t worry as it will regain its natural volume in a few days, mostly after your first hair wash. 

4. Aftercare is a must 

Once you are done with the treatment, not only will you require special hair products but also will need to make a few changes in your hair care regimen. Dr. Mrunal Shah Modi recommends, "Immediately post-treatment, it’s best to avoid getting the hair wet for three days. Washing, swimming, sweating and rain should be avoided. The hair needs to blend with the keratin, so it is best to leave it untied for three days. If you put a clip or tie the hair, the keratin is still malleable so it will leave dents in the hair. Also, avoid washing your hair too often, minimise exposure to chlorine, saltwater or harsh UV rays. This will make the keratin last longer. If you do wish to oil your hair, olive oil and pure argan oil with no added chemicals is recommended."  

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FAQs about keratin for hair 

Can I tie my hair after keratin treatment?  

During the first few days following your treatment, make sure your hair is straight and down. You can tie your hair with soft hair ties after about three days. If you are wondering how to tie hair after keratin treatment use silk scrunchies that are gentler on your hair and will not lead to hair breakage.  

Can I oil my hair after keratin treatment?  

The process of oiling hair after keratin treatment should begin after seven days. You can use a serum on your hair to seal in moisture and shine, but start oiling your hair only after seven days.  

Can I comb my hair after keratin treatment?  

For the first three days, do not touch your hair except to fix creases or frizz. You can start brushing your hair after the first three days. 

Well, here was everything you need to know about keratin for hair, things to keep in mind before getting the treatment and what the procedure will be like (so there are no surprises!). So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment and get smooth and manageable hair immediately.