Keratin Treatment: A Full Guide 

Written by Lopa KOct 04, 2022
Keratin Treatment: A Full Guide 

Heard about all the benefits of a keratin treatment but finding it a little too expensive? Well, now you can do it at home too.  

Are you curious as to what a keratin treatment actually is and how to get in on this trend? It makes use of products and masks with actual keratin to smoothen your hair and strengthen it. While an in-salon treatment uses a formaldehyde-releasing solution and flat-irons your hair, you can also do keratin treatment at home. 

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Keratin treatment guide - the basics  

Has your hairstylist recommended a keratin solution while trimming your split ends? Or has your friend ever rocked super smooth and shiny hair while thanking keratin? Well, you can try it too as it is a completely safe haircare routine that not only betters the health of your hair but also controls frizz and makes your mane look flawless. It is considered a miraculous way to smoothen out your hair within a single trip to your local hair salon. But if you find it a little too out of your budget, don’t fret. We’ve got you. You can also do it at home naturally if you tend to have frizzy hair or if you find your hair to be dry.  

keratin treatment woman brown hair

What is keratin treatment?  

Hair, nails, and the outer layer of your skin are all made of keratin, a family of fibrous structural proteins. This keratin protein makes your hair strong and lustrous. However, curly and textured hair lacks enough keratin, which results in dryness and frizz in hair. That’s why keratin procedures for curly hair are so popular. There are also various kinds of treatments, some which are more effective than others, as well as treatments that work better for different hair types and hair thicknesses. 

In a keratin treatment, a professional simply applies the protein solution to your hair strands to make them smooth and shiny. Injecting keratin into the porous areas of the hair follicle makes your hair instantly look healthier which is why it is all the rage now. But just keratin is not capable of taming frizz. We have to rely on formaldehyde in the formula to achieve it. By locking keratin chains together, this chemical results in straight hair that is left without any knots. Your hair is then blow-dried and flat-ironed after the product has been applied to the strands, taking care to avoid the scalp. The whole thing can take between 2 to 4 hours depending on your hair type. And this smoothened-out result lasts for six months or longer depending on how you maintain your hair. 

keratin treatment woman brown hair

Guide to keratin treatment at home 

But such complicated treatments actually need the right equipment, right products, an expert hand and money. , if you are running short on cash or want to try out something new on the weekend, you can try your version of a keratin treatment at home too. Instead of the whole jingbang, get an easy keratin boost with only a couple of products. All you need to for this mini spa-like experience is to get your hands on some haircare products that have keratin in them, flat iron or hair dryer and enough time to complete the procedure patiently. 

keratin treatment woman brown hair

Step 1 - Condition for a week   

Deep condition your hair at least a week before you decide to do the treatment. But you can get a head start with the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner. Since it has a combination of keratin and argan oil, it helps keep your hair soft and manageable before d-day. It can also calm your frizz for three whole days.  

keratin treatment woman brown hair

Step 2 - Shampoo   

Like any hair treatment, you need to start with a clean and fresh slate. On the day of your treatment, start by shampooing with the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo. While deep cleansing your hair, it also starts smoothening and moisturising dry hair. It also has a lower sulphate formula, making it suitable for brittle and damaged hair. You will need this as you have to straighten your hair in the end to complete the routine. But while washing your hair don’t use a hair conditioner this time. Your hair must be fresh and clean, with cuticles open and ready to absorb the keratin.  

keratin treatment woman brown hair

Step 3 - Mask   

Now is when the fun starts. First, pick your keratin hair mask. We’d suggest going for the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Mask. This is literally what a professional will also be using if you go to a salon for a keratin treatment. Since it has marula oil, combined with keratin it gives you the best of both worlds. From controlling frizz and flyaways and detangling hair to giving your hair a soft and shiny finish, you can get it all. Take a generous amount of the mask and apply it to damp hair from mid-length to the end. Then spread it evenly with a comb or your fingers. Pay more attention to the dry and porous ends of your hair.  

Step 4 - Rinse   

Leave the mask on for 3 to 5 minutes. For better keratin absorption, you can also put a shower cap on your hair and warm it up with a blow dryer for a few seconds. Then thoroughly rinse off the mask with cold water to seal in the moisturising benefits of the mask.  

keratin treatment woman brown hair

Step 5 - Serum and flat iron   

Don’t worry, we are almost there. To get an instant shine, finish up by applying a few drops of the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to damp hair. With the help of camellia oil, it also hydrates your hair and improves elasticity so no more hair breakage. Next, you can heat-style your hair since the serum also acts as a heat protectant. While a salon flat irons your hair to close your cuticles and seal in the keratin, you can also just use a hair dryer. Just blow dry your hair while keeping the dryer a couple of inches away. And you’re done! If you want to get the complete experience, take a flat iron to your hair and then straighten it. 

keratin treatment woman brown hair

Benefits of keratin treatment 

Reduces frizz 

You're here probably because you're tired of frizzy hair, right? Certainly, keratin will help to get rid of frizz. Smoothening out hair cuticles makes your hair look sleek and manageable after this multi-step procedure.   

Natural-looking straight hair    

Even if you are blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair, salon or DIY treatment at home can help you to achieve flawless-looking straight hair that is healthy and voluminous.   

Gives hair shine    

Do you feel down because your hair is dry and lifeless? This treatment can change your hair from dull to glamorous in just one day. As it restores the hair protein that serves to not only make your hair look healthy, but also give it shine.  

Makes hair soft    

It smoothens out your hair cuticles by reinforcing lost proteins, improving the feel and texture of your hair. Your mane feels softer and looks bouncier with the frizz gone and the hair cuticles smoothened.      

Easily style your hair  

Having manageable hair is a good hair day every day! You can easily style your hair because they stay smooth and soft. Now, having your hair behave won’t require hours of blow-drying or untold amounts of hair products.  

keratin treatment woman brown hair

FAQs about keratin treatment 

Is keratin treatment good for your hair?   

Yes! It softens and shines frizzy and dull hair by using keratin protein which is a natural ingredient that your body produces. Keratin can strengthen and recover even the most damaged hair.  

How long does the keratin treatment last?   

You can get a treatment that lasts for up to 6 months as long as you do not wash your hair too frequently and use mild haircare products. 

Can keratin treatments cause hair loss?  

Keratin is actually needed to strengthen your hair and stop hair fall and breakage. But if you already have thin and brittle hair, you can skip the flat-ironing step. 

Can we do a DIY keratin treatment? 

There are few a DIY packs that you can make since keratin is a natural ingredient that your body can generate. Some home keratin packs you can try are flaxseed broth hair mask, rice water hair rinse, egg yolk-honey-almond oil hair pack, banana and avocado hair pack, and coconut milk and avocado hair mask.  

Well, there you have it. Now you can also do a keratin treatment at home. Say goodbye to lifeless, dry locks with this treatment, and meet beautiful, glossy hair.   

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