Trendy Copper Hair Colour Ideas To Transform Your Look

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Trendy copper hair colour ideas to transform your look

Colouring your hair in a bright or deep shade, quite different from your natural hair colour is one of the easiest ways to transform your look and break the monotony. One shade that’s super trendy right now is copper. There are so many different shades of copper to suit every skin tone, and if you are bold enough and choose the right stylist, you can never go wrong with copper hair colour. Right from very dark to light copper highlights, there are so many different colour options, that you will be spoilt for choice!

Having said that, colouring your hair is an important decision and your tresses are delicate, therefore avoid trying to colour your own hair. It is best left to a professional who can decide which shade will best enhance your features and personality, because believe it or not, copper hair colour is complicated and difficult to work with. You can surely tell your stylist what you are looking for by showing them the list of different copper hair colour ideas we are going to discuss below. These trendy and stylish ways to incorporate copper colour will definitely make you stand apart from the crowd!

Here are a few things to know before getting a copper hair colour:

FAQs about copper hair colour

Picking the right shade will brighten your skin tone and add life to your dull and boring hair. Here are the best copper hair colours that are trending this year.


1. Bright copper

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @ClioMakeup

This hair colour radiates warmth and looks slightly golden and shiny when natural light hits it. If you want a hair colour that is fun yet looks sophisticated, this bright copper hair colour is right for you. It flatters fair skin the most as it adds glam value to an otherwise pale skin tone. Remember, copper hair colour fades easily, therefore you should use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner to ensure it stays intact for longer. You will still need to visit the salon on a regular basis to refresh and maintain the colour.


2. Sandy brown copper

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @HairCreatorsAcademdy

This bold yet pleasing copper colour is exciting in every sense. It will completely transform your look and make you look classy and edgy. The best part about sandy brown copper colour is that it suits most skin tones, both warm and cool tones. Take your hair texture also into consideration while choosing a copper hair colour. For example, this one looks better on those with medium to thick hair as it gives more movement to the hair. If you are looking for a low maintenance hair colour, we would advise against this one.


3. Ginger copper

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @joico

Deep ginger with bright copper is one of the trendiest hair colours this season. The dark roots with rich copper lengths add depth to your hair, giving you a fresh and never-seen-before kind of hair colour. Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, all hair types can try this stunning copper hair colour. However, it flatters fair and porcelain skin tones the most. For styling, we recommend you do your hair in soft curls or waves to elevate the look. Make sure to use a sulphate-free shampoo to make the colour last longer and spray a heat protectant before using heat styling tools.


4. Coppery red with bangs

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @NastyGal

Red and copper are two of the boldest and trendy hair colours right now. If you can’t decide between the two, go for this coppery-red shade that will have people wondering whether your hair colour is red or copper! If you have a bold and fierce personality, go for this colour that showcases exactly that! It flatters most skin tones, but that does not mean you can try it at home. Visit an experienced professional to get the right shade and remove the risk of a disaster, which is common with bold colours like red and copper.


5. Sunset copper

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @LatestHairstyles

If your hair looks dull and lifeless, glam it up by colouring it in a fun and vibrant shade - sunset copper! This look is for every woman out there irrespective of her skin colour or hair type. If you have curly hair, it will add a fun and vibrant shine to your tresses. Use colour-safe shampoo and conditioners in between services to maintain the colour and extend its life. This copper hair colour is easier to achieve on previously lightened hair colour, so if you already have light hair colour, achieving this will be far easier. Look for an experienced colourist to get the job done well.


6. Copper highlights

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @love_hairstyles

Not ready to go copper all over? Start with something simple yet trendy, like copper highlights. This versatile hair colour can be worn all year long and it will look trendy in every season! The growing-out process is simple and it is not a high maintenance hair colour. Those with naturally wavy or curly hair can benefit the most from this hair colour as it adds dimension and looks gorgeous as your hair moves. The copper can be adjusted to look brighter or darker depending on your wish. Since the shades can be adjusted, this look is for every skin tone. Another way to wear this colour is with full balayage.


7. Copper cinnamon

FAQs about copper hair colour

Image courtesy: @LatestHairstyles

The dark roots melting into a copper-cinnamon colour is what we liked the most about this hair colour. Those with light hair colour can go for this look, however, those with dark hair will first need to pre-lighten it to get the best shade. Use a professional-grade colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour locked in for a longer time. Again, this hair colour requires regular salon visits to maintain the colour and quality.


8. FAQs about copper hair colour

FAQs about copper hair colour

Q. How do I dye my hair copper?

A. If you have dark hair, you will first have to pre-lighten your hair in order to achieve the right shade of copper. However, this is a difficult task and should only be done by a professional. Do not try it at home to prevent any hair colouring disasters.

Q. Does copper hair colour fade fast?

A. Yes, copper, red and auburn shades tend to fade faster than others. Therefore it is recommended to use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner and visit the salon regularly for maintenance.

Q. Can anyone pull off copper hair?

A. While there’s a shade of copper for every skin tone, most of them flatter fair skin tones. However, go to the right colourist and they will guide you on which shade of copper will complement your skin tone the best.

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