Organic Haircare: Does It Really Work?

Written by Lopa KSep 21, 2022
Organic Haircare: Does it really work?

Go natural with organic haircare products so that you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions or long term side effects.  

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint or the number of harsh chemicals you have to field through to take care of your hair? Opt for organic haircare products which are all about being eco-friendly, natural and completely safe for your hair without any side effects.  

organic hair care products

Organic haircare basics  

With beauty gurus and influencers becoming conscious about the ingredients that make up their haircare products, so should you. Instead of quick results that can harm you in the future, play the long game with organic haircare products and a persistent routine. Organic products go as natural as possible with naturally found ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals that can negatively affect your body in the slightest degree. From going SLS-free to using sustainable products, let’s take a look at how you can go au naturale. 

organic hair care products

Benefits of organic haircare products 

Moisturises your hair 

If you suffer from dry hair, the harsh chemicals in your shampoos and conditioners can dry them out even further. You know that satisfaction you get from seeing your shampoo or soap lather up? That is thanks to SLS aka sulphate which with frequent use can dry your hair and skin. An organic shampoo like Love Beauty And Planet Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is free of sulphate and in fact contains natural apple cider vinegar to nourish your hair and restore its natural shine. Say goodbye to dull and dry hair as it smoothens your strands and leaves them shiny. It also has no artificial fragrance, so that sweet-scented smell wafting through the air after a use is all thanks to organic white jasmine oil which gives off a sweet and floral fragrance. 

organic hair care products

Maintains hair colour 

 If you love colouring your hair often, then you know that the dye or casting can often dry out your hair. You also know that if you shampoo it often to get rid of the greasiness, it is also a recipe for fading colour. Well, organic haircare products come to your rescue once more as the Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Shampoo is created keeping hair colour in mind. This hydrating shampoo keeps your hair moisturised with nourishing elements like aloe vera, sunflower oil and coconut oil. So, don’t worry about ruining your hair colour and get to cleaning your hair of excess oil and grime while also strengthening your locks with this shampoo. 

organic hair care products

Betters hair health  

Going organic simply means using natural ingredients for your haircare routine. So, if you are only using natural ingredients without any added harsh chemicals, it is a given that your hair will not be damaged. Such products can also reverse damage like hairfall, brittle hair and better the overall health of your hair. Don’t believe us? Like the rest of Tresemme’s Pro Pure Range, the Damage Recovery Shampoo is free of SLS, parabens, dyes, artificial fragrance and basically harsh chemicals. Instead, it contains vitamin E that calms stressed hair follicles and hydrates weak strands. It is also loaded with fermented rice water that calms frizz, reduces breakage and boosts the hair’s natural proteins as it also has amino acids. 

No side effects 

While you may be happy with your usual everyday haircare products thanks to immediate results, they may have harmful side effects in the long run. There is no magical cure for our problems, it either takes a long and persistent routine or short-term solutions with harsh chemicals that may affect you later. But that is not the case for organic haircare products. Since they are free of harsh chemicals and carcinogenic elements, you don’t have to worry about your currently luscious locks falling out or weakening when you get older. 

organic hair care products

Free from irritants and synthetics 

Along with no side effects, like risk of cancer or damage of hair follicles, products with natural ingredients also don’t pose any immediate risks. Even if you have the most sensitive skin, scalp or hair, such products do not cause any allergic reaction as they are free of synthetic elements and chemicals. 

Safer for your skin 

Are you suffering from bacne or rashes on your skin? Most of the time, it is because of the hair product residue dripping down your hair to your skin. If you do not scrub your skin thoroughly every time after a hair wash, it can damage your skin. The better option is just go all organic as we just cannot stop listing its many advantages. Since an organic shampoo or hair mask won't have those harsh chemicals, it is safer for your skin and won’t lead to rashes or breakouts. 

organic hair care products

Is eco-friendly 

Sometimes we do need a reality check and realising that our planet might be going for a toss due to our actions can be a bitter pill to swallow. So, just like our skin and hair, if we want to take care of our Earth, it doesn’t cost much to reduce our carbon footprint by going organic. Take Love Beauty And Planet Onion Hair Mask for example. It uses recyclable material to create its packages and practices sustainability in almost every step possible. Love Beauty And Planet also try to keep their waste as biodegradable as possible including the actual products which are free of every harsh chemical you can think of. If that hasn’t convinced you, this mask uses onion to control hair fall, blackseed oil to strengthen your hair and patchouli for a natural fragrance for you to fully enjoy your haircare routine without putting our planet at any more risk. 

organic hair care products

Ingredients to avoid in haircare products  

While it is easy to research and find out if there are products that use natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, what about the safe chemicals that are still required in your haircare product? You should know that there are some chemical components that are needed but still safe. So, let us list the harsh chemicals that if you notice on the ingredient list of a bottle that you are holding, you can skip it. 

  • Petrolatum  

  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate  

  • Sodium laureth sulfate  

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)  

  • Diethanolamine (DEA)  

  • Parabens  

  • Alcohol (if listed as one of the first four ingredients)  

  • Synthetic fragrance/Parfum  

  • Dimethicone  

  • Siloxanes (ending in -siloxane or -methicone)  

FAQs on organic haircare products 

Is organic haircare product good for your hair? 

Yes, in fact, organic ingredients do wonders for your hair and are much gentler than the usual products. They also help recover your hair’s natural health and shine. 

Do natural hair products work? 

Natural products work like any other hair products. Keep consistently using them to deal with common problems like hairfall, dull hair, weak hair, frizz and oily hair to get the best results. 

What is the difference between natural and organic products? 

While the two terms can be used synonymously, there is a slight difference sometimes. A completely natural product does not use any chemicals, is not made in a lab at all and can be made at home like DIY packs, natural oils and tea rinses. An organic product makes use of natural ingredients as well as safe chemicals while avoiding harsh and artificial ingredients. 

Well, it’s not that hard switching to a more natural and safer routine is it? Now that we’ve told you about the benefits of organic haircare products and how to identify them, look for them the next time you want to up your haircare game. 

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